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In Search of Monster Carp
I start? The BCSG have got Korda
lake, and I’ve been going up there
now for the last ten or eleven years. I
didn’t used to fish Korda; I always
used to go up to Broadwater. It’s
strange really; we had one of our
BCSG AGM’s many years ago, and a
guy came along who wanted the
group to take over running Broadwater and Korda. Anyway, I remember
Broadwater from years ago when
Kenny and I fished at Harefield, and I
remembered we had seen one or two
carp in there, so I was keen to go and
have another look at it just to see
what it was like. I remember going
there with Don Hopper and Dave
Gawthorn after the meeting. We
walked up to Korda and I didn’t really
take a lot of notice of it because I
remembered Korda from when I was
fishing at Harefield as a hole in the
ground that had just been stocked.
Anyway, we’d gone straight up past
the Long Pond and we came to
Broadwater, and I looked at it and I
just knew straight away that this was
where I wanted to be. It was fantastic,
and funnily enough the BCSG didn’t
know whether to take it on or not.
Anyway the bloke that was running
(Top) 28lb, Korda.
(Right) 30lb-plus, Korda.
Broadwater said, “If you want to join,
I’m running a little syndicate, and it’s
going to cost you £200 a year to fish
it.” I thought to myself I’d pay it, and I
only I went up there a few times but
that’s another story.
But getting back to Korda, a couple
of years after we had been fishing
Broadwater, the BCSG took over the
running of the whole complex, and so
once we had it, we had our fish-ins
there, and the AGM. Anyway, the
blokes used to go and fish on Korda,
and I would go up onto Broadwater
and then meet up with them for the
evening for a piss-up or what-haveyou. So I really didn’t used to take a
lot of notice of Korda but anyway, this
one particular season I thought to
myself I really ought to go onto Korda
just for the crack really, so I had a
word with my mate Dave Ball and we
decided this particular year that we
would start off on Korda, going there
for the AGM and actually fishing it. I
set up in one swim just out of the car
park, and he set up in the next swim
to me and we had a fantastic weekend. The first fish I caught was 34lb
8oz I think, a mirror, and it was a fantastic looking fish, a real big, old fish,
and a couple of the blokes who were
fishing it regularly hadn’t seen it, so
Dave took a few nice photos for me. I
think Dave had a big tench if I
remember rightly, so we had a good
weekend celebrating that, but that’s
really how I got onto Korda in the first
Also, because the BCSG didn’t
really know what was in the lake, we


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