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In Search of Monster Carp
decided we would stock it, and we
stocked it about 8-10 years ago with
some Simmonds fish. They all went in
round about the 5lb mark, and now
they are in the 40lb bracket this season. Every year we have a work party,
and if you do three work parties, you
get the chance of fishing the first couple of weeks on Korda before the people that didn’t do the work parties.
I went up there for the work parties
this closed season as usual. You normally get the same old people turning
up, but funnily enough this year, a lot
of people turned up, so when it actually came to the start of the season,
which was on the 15th May for us,
there were going to be a lot of people
in the draw for swims. I was going up
there thinking to myself, I might come
out last and not have a swim to fish
because it’s not that big. It’s only
about 12-14 acres and I think there
are about 16 swims, something like
that. It’s not that big, and that many
swims is pushing it really. Anyway, I
went up there, we all put our tickets in
the hat, and I came out near the end,
and I thought, oh God. Anyway I got
into a swim, I think it was called the
Royal Box, and I’ve never done much
good in it. It’s got a lot of features out
in front of it but for some reason I
have never done much. I like the
swim, but it seems to be the worst
place on the lake for crayfish, and
although Dougal nets the old crays
out every closed season during the
wintertime, there are always still
enough there to be a nuisance.
So anyway, I started off there this
year, and after 24 hours, it soon
became clear to me that the fish were
only in one a quarter of the lake, and
that was from the point opposite me
down to the car park and a couple of
car park swims. I thought to myself, I
haven’t got any chance here. I sort of
went through the motions for a couple of days, and luckily enough, a guy
on the point opposite me was going
home after two or three days, so I
managed to get in there after he left.
As soon as I got in there I started
catching fish; it was one of those situations where nothing was coming
out of three quarters of the lake. They
were all in that one little area, and if
you couldn’t cast into that area, then
you didn’t have any chance at all.
Anway I don’t know how many
days I did in the swim, but I remember one particular day when I had
three or four 30’s out in the afternoon,
which was unheard of really. I managed to get the big one out too, at
43lb 12oz, the one they call Black
Spot. I had a couple of problems with
a couple of reels that I was using: let’s
put it this way, the bait runner was
going like mad, and I went to strike, I
just couldn’t get the bait runner to
stop going, so that cost me a fish. I
had quite a number of fish, and I
enjoyed it; I had a good time. I was
using Mark McKenna’s T1 bait, using
bottom baits, and just using a normal
rig really. I was using the old wide
(Top) 30lb-plus, Korda.
(Left) 35lb off the top.


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