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In Search of Monster Carp
gape hooks that Mark got for me that
I like, but I wasn’t doing anything special.
What I have noticed over the years
is that the weed has disappeared in
Korda, and I’ve got a feeling that’s
down to the crayfish. There doesn’t
seem to be any weed at all now; we
even used to have some small lilies
growing where the car park swim
was where I used to catch tench, but
even they’ve disappeared now. Dougal spent a lot of time planting the
bigger lilies in a couple of spots,
which seem to be coming on, but I
think the crayfish have wiped out a
lot of the weed. I was quite concerned
that they might, have how can I say,
disturbed or mucked up the balance
of the lake, because you don’t seen
any snails in there now like you used
to. But saying that, the fish are putting on weight, and the only reason I
am sure they are putting on the
weight is because of the crayfish and
the anglers’ baits.
It wasn’t as if I was piling in loads
of baits or anything, because I wasn’t.
I was fishing down the island line
onto a shallow bar that was about 6ft
deep, and then I was spreading my
rods out because in that particular
swim, you’ve got plenty of room,
which was what I like about it; no one
could interfere with you. The other
rods I was putting out to gullies, just
behind a little bar, trying different
areas. One time I’d had quite a few
fish when I moved into the swim, but
just small fish. When I say small fish, I
mean double figure fish, and we
agreed that anything under 15lb, we’d
put into the Long Pond. Over the
years, there have been quite a few
(Above) 43lb 12oz, May 2008.
(Below left) 12lb 13oz tench!
carp successfully spawn, and there
are a lot of small fish in there now, so
we wanted to try and get some out.
So Dave Cumber came round to me
one morning and said, “I see you’re
stocking the Long Pond well,” and I
said, “Yeah, you’re right.” It was just
after that I had the 40lb’er and I said,
“I’m not putting this one in the Long
Yes, it’s strange really, because over
the years a few of the guys have been
tench fishing up there, and they’ve
been catching some monster tench
really. I was lucky enough while I was
up there this time, as I had the two
12’s out; 12lb 2oz or 12lb 3oz, whatever it was, I’m not too sure now. I
know I was quite pleased because I
beat old Dave; I think he had a 12lb
1oz, and I had one a bit bigger than
his. It’s produced a lot of big tench,
and last year or the year before I had
another one at 12lb 13oz, which was
absolutely enormous – they are getting bigger and bigger each year. I
mean it was only a few years ago I
had one which I was told was the
biggest male tench ever to be caught,
which was 10lb 14oz, and the paddles
on it were bloody unbelievable. But
yeah, some of the guys they go out


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