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In Search of Monster Carp
there, although they’re carp anglers
they do go for the tench. I think the
tench anglers would love to get on
there, as it’s unreal.
In fact there was a lovely bloke I
met on there, Graham, and the first
time I met him he had been fishing it
right from the start. He wasn’t a
BCSG member, but I used to get on
well with Graham, and in fact we
nicknamed him Neptune. He would
come round and have a chat, and he’d
always ask if we needed anything
bringing down, because he lived
locally, and he’d regularly wander
round. I remember one day, he was
fishing in what they call the Coot’s
Nest, and he came up to me and said,
“Here, if you want to have a go with
the mixers, there are a few carp out in
front of me. I’ve reeled my rods in at
the moment.” So I went up there and
sure enough there were carp. I put
mixers out, but they didn’t want to
know, and they were drifting about.
He said to me, “Have one more cast,”
and sure enough I hooked this 30lb
carp off the top. He was such a lovely
bloke, and as I say he would do any-
(Top) 25lb common.
(Below) 30lb-plus common.
thing to help you out. He wouldn’t say
much, but he could tell you exactly
where the fish were. Sadly he died
this year; he had skin cancer. It was a
big shock really because I was talking
to him, and I knew he was going for
this scan, so I phoned him up to see
how he got on. He said, “Oh it’s bad
news. They haven’t given me long.” I
said, “I’ll be up in a week’s time, and
I’ll come round and see you,” and
within the fortnight he died. That was
sad, and I shall miss him next season
when I go up there, because he was a
really good character.
I only did the first couple of weeks
up on Korda this year and then I came
back and fished locally. The only other
time I was up at Korda was when I
went up to Neptune’s funeral this
year. I went with Dougal, and it was
strange because when we came out
of the crematorium, Dougal said to
me, “Here look,” and there was a pair
of red kites flying. Dougal said to me,
“You know what, when I came out of
Fred J’s funeral there was a pair of red
kites flying.” Strange, that.
So yeah, I haven’t been up there
much; I only went up there the first
couple of weeks, and my heart wasn’t
in it and I never had a fish. I shall go
again next year, but I shall be a bit sad
because I can see Neptune now on
the work party… There was a weeping willow by the river and he would
go and cut some cuttings off and
plant them all round, hoping they
would take. I don’t know if any have
taken, but I said to Dougal I might
have to buy a weeping willow and
plant one for him, but I shall certainly
miss him next season up there
because he was a really nice bloke.
But apart from that, I came back
down and fished locally. I’ve been
fishing on the river, and I had a few
carp out. In fact I’ve had a few prob-


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