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In Search of Monster Carp
lems on there, but that’s another
story. I was catching a few nice fish
last year, and this year, whereas I used
to have it pretty much to myself, it’s
got a bit crowded. I had a bloke come
and fish within about 3ft of me, and I
thought, oh God, I can’t have this. It’s
difficult because although it’s a lot of
river, the access to it can be hard. I
walked quite a bit of it and I found a
nice area, but I had to climb over
about six styles, through fences, kissing gates and everything else get
there. With all your gear and everything, it isn’t bloody easy, but I did go
a couple of times to this one spot, and
the first time I went there I had a carp
out. It was only about 14lb, but I was
well pleased. Then the second time, I
had another carp of about the same
weight, if not slightly bigger. It was
the first time in all the years I’ve
looked on that river, and in this particular spot I saw about ten carp on the
surface, sunning themselves. Some of
them were small, but a couple of them
looked good lumps, so it was just
potluck really.
It’s funny because I remember this
particular day, and I’d got so peeved
off with all these other anglers, I
thought to myself, I’ve got to find
myself somewhere else. So I walked
and walked and walked, found these
fish, and luckily enough I had some of
Mark’s bait in my bag. I tried throwing it, as I didn’t have a catapult, and
these fish were on the far side of the
river. Of course they wouldn’t go that
far, so I thought the only thing I can
do, I’ll bung in a couple of handfuls in
on my side. Bearing in mind this river
is tidal, it goes up and down, so it can
have a 6-8ft difference, you know. So I
threw in a couple of handfuls, and
then I wandered off and carried on
walking. It was a nice day, and about
an hour later I was coming back, and
I thought to myself, I wonder if those
fish are still there, and I saw a couple
on the far side. So I thought I’d just sit
and watch what happened. I had a
flask with me so had a cup of coffee,
and I could see some bloody big mullet, which I thought had got to be
about 5lbs. Anyway all of a sudden,
this fish rolled, and I thought that’s
rolled right where my bait is. Then all
of a sudden it rolled again, and it was
a great big mirror. So I thought to
myself, I’ve got to come up here and
have a go. It was so far that I couldn’t
take all my gear, so I just took the bare
essentials in just a little bag. I mean I
didn’t even take a brolly or anything,
because I thought that’s all extra
weight. That first particular time, as I
say, I had the first one, and it went
ballistic – I presume it had never been
hooked before.
A couple of days later I went back
again and had another one, but I
thought to myself, I ought to really go
down and try and keep the bait going
in. On one particular day I was driving
along on the A27, and I thought, that
car’s been behind me for a little while.
Whereas I used to drive around like a
lunatic in my Hoover van, these days
now, I just pootle along because I’ve
got all the time in the world really,
unless I’m desperately in a hurry. So,
that car was keeping the same distance, and normally they’re wizzing
past me, so I just kept an eye on it in
my mirror. I went round Arundel, and
then started going up this hill, and
sure enough, it was still coming, so I
thought to myself, I’m convinced he’s
(Top) The Reeds, Korda.
(Left) Fork Pond.


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