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In Search of Monster Carp
following me. I got to the top of this
hill called Bury Hill, where I would
have gone straight on, but I thought
to myself, I’ll do a right instead and go
down towards the bridge.
So I went down, and sure enough
he followed me. I thought right,
there’s a little track along to the left,
so I’ll go along there. I went along
there, turned left along this little single lane road, and sure enough he’s
following me so I thought right, I’ll go
down to the church down at the bottom, and it’s a dead end, so if he follows me down here, he’s got to be following me. So I went down to the bottom, and quickly turned by the
church. Now if he was coming, he’d
have to let me go past. Sure enough, I
turned round and started to go back
past this church, and sure enough
they were there, facing one another
now, and it was two blokes. I recognised one of them, but I didn’t know
his name or anything. They had to
back up, and I drove off at speed and
I lost them, but I thought bloody hell,
I can’t believe it. They were definitely
anglers, so I gave that idea up of
going back there again. I thought to
myself, I’ll leave it for another time.
I’ve been in a little syndicate on
this bit of river, and I’d never fished
(Top) The big leather, Forke.
(Right) Korda, 40lb.
this particular bank, but I was at a
work party. There are only about a
dozen in this syndicate, but they’ve
got a couple of lakes, and that’s how I
got involved with it. They said to me,
“Why don’t you come and fish our
side of the river?” So I thought I
would, especially after the experience
with those other blokes. So I went
over there, and I can drive right to the
river. I spoke to the farmer and he
said, “If you want to drive round on
the flood bank, no problem,” and I
thought, this is handy. Anyway, I
started fishing there and I started
catching. I know I had one 20lb’er,
and I had one carp twice within a
couple of weeks. The first it was 19lb
14oz, and then the second time I
caught it, it was just over 20lb – 20lb
3oz or something like that. I had a
couple of smaller fish too, and I was
just getting back into it, and then I
had a, what would you call it, a confrontation with somebody, but I won’t
go into that, so I haven’t been back
there since.
Funnily enough these syndicate
guys have been offered a lake, well, I
say a lake, but it’s actually three lakes.
So I went to have a look with them,
and one of them hasn’t been fished for
I don’t know how long. It’s probably
about 20-30 acres, and it looks bloody
good, so I am hoping to get down
next year and see what’s in there.
Join us next time as Pete continues
his angling on Korda lake. n


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