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Off With a Bang
laps of the lake in the hope of locating
a few fish, I stopped and chatted to
them for a while. Things were a little
slow, they informed me, and after a
busy weekend I was sure that the
angling pressure had something to do
with their lack of action. Despite this
I wandered off and sat on the windward bank and watched like a hawk
for signs of carp activity as the waves
of a strong southerly wind lapped
against my feet. Suddenly a large fish
crashed out, sending a plume of spray
in its wake as it re-entered the water.
That was better, I thought – at least it
was a starting point. Then another
smaller fish broke the surface close
by, and within a few minutes I’d managed to see three or four fish headand-shoulder close in to the marginal
With that I quickly secured swim
number 10, and in each swim there is
a purpose built hut so there is no need
for a bivvy or a brolly. This might
seem strange, but it works quite well,
and most of the anglers now seem to
prefer the comfort and convenience of
fishing from these static huts. With
the key collected from reception and
my gear dropped off, I quickly got on
with the job of sorting out my rods
and within a few minutes I was putting together a couple of suitable rigs.
Knowing little of the contours of the
lake and weedbeds, I decided a cou-
(Top) Looking across to the popular
railway bank.
(Right) My starting point, the top
ple of solid PVA bags would be ideal
t o s t a r t w i t h , a n d b a i t - w i s e I ’d
brought a selection with me. The
onsite shop sells a variety of bait from
Richworth and SBS, and whilst it’s an
excellent range, Jamie was keen to
expand the shop’s selection. With this
in mind I’d contacted Dynamite Baits
with a view to opening a trade
account at Baden, and one of the reasons for the visit was to give their
range of boilies a testing on the lake. I
sat on the grass at the back of the
swim preparing a couple of PVA bags
and loading them with a mixture of
Dynamite Baits Halibut and Swim
Stim pellets and 10mm Spicy Tuna
and Sweet Chilli boilies. It was this
bait that I was keen to give a go, as it
had proved itself on other waters so
far this year, and despite fishing a
tricky venue this bait had been so
attractive to other species i.e. roach,
bream, tench, etc.
Once ready, I crept along the margins and quietly flicked both bags the
20yds or so out to the area of the most
activity. Having spoken to a couple of
people it seemed that small traps and
one-bite tactics seemed to work the
best on here. With that in mind I kept
the baiting to a minimum, and would
try to rely on my location skills to get
me a bite or two. With most of my
gear behind me at the back of the
swim, I spent the next couple of hours
well back from the edge, clearing my
gear and settling down for the
e v e n i n g. U n f o r t u n a t e l y i t s o o n
became apparent that the noise and
general bankside activity had pushed
the fish out a little, and despite the
strong, warm wind still battering the
gravel at my feet, the buzzers refused
to sing out that tune we all love to
hear. Rightly or wrongly, I decided to
fish the night in the same area. After
all it was the only area I’d seen any
fish activity, and with dusk approaching I repositioned both rods each with
a PVA bag attached before quickly
topping up each spot with just a few
spodfuls of Frenzied Hemp and
chopped boilies. The first night
seemed a little strange, as I continually scanned the water from the confines of my little wooden hut, but with
sleep getting the better of me I was
s o o n s e n d i n g o u t t h e z z z ’s a s I


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