FL12Sept - Page 92

Off With a Bang
dreamed of big, fat mirror carp!
The sky was clearing from the east
as I peered out from under my covers
and got on with the age-old ritual of
filling the kettle and sparking up the
stove for that first brew of the day.
Feeling a little disappointed at the
lack of activity and the quietness of
the alarms I mulled over in my mind
the events of the last few hours, and
knew I needed a new plan of action if
I was to be in with a chance of holding one of the stunning Baden carp.
Over the next couple of hours I
refused to take my eyes off the water.
One of my strengths, I feel, is my ability to find fish, and keep looking until
I’ve found them. Within half an hour
of seeing the first fish show, I’d seen
at least half a dozen more head-andshoulder further up the railway bank,
and after lining up a few areas with
far bank features, I was confident of
locating the area of activity.
With breakfast out of the way I
upped sticks and made the move
three or four swims further up the
lake. It was lunchtime before I settled
into the new area, and with fish
already present, I decided a couple of
single hookbaits fished zig rig style
might tempt a bite or two. The
weather was warming up nicely, and
into the mid 20’s or so by 1pm. With a
couple of trimmed down pop-ups
now out there, I sat back and watched
the fish flaunting themselves in front
of me.
Despite giving the zigs a couple of
hours, by mid-afternoon I decided
that the softly-softly approach wasn’t
working, and so decided to make the
bold move and switch tactics completely and do things my way, i.e.
make them have it. With this in mind,
I set about preparing a feast that no
carp could resist. Emptying two jars
of hempseed into a bucket, I then
added a jar of mixed particles, 3kg of
10mm and 15mm chopped Tuna and
Chilli boilies, a tin of sweetcorn and
two tins of flaked tuna pieces complete with sunflower oil. This was all
mixed together before I added a couple of kilos of mixed pellets to help
stiffen the mix, and to add some cloud
effect to the gin-clear water.
The area I had seen the most activity was around 70yds range, and after
a few casts with the marker float it
soon became clear that a band of
gravel and sand lay between two
areas of coarse thick weed, and was
just large enough to comfortably fish
two rods tight over the bed of bait.
With a certain amount of weed present in the lake, I thought it paramount
to fish a safe and effective lead system, so with this in mind both rods
were fished with the new lead clips
from A.C.E. These have proved spoton both in terms of effectiveness at
lead disposal and also tough enough
to take the hardest casts with heavy
leads. Fluorocarbon leaders with a
dab or two of putty completed the
(Top) Listening to helpful bailiffs is
always a good idea.
(Left) Solid PVA bags, my first
(Below) The sheds took a little
getting used to, but are great.


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