FL12Sept - Page 96

Off With a Bang
the spod flew out to the spot with little effort. It was almost 7pm before I
finally sat down, splattered in hemp
and sweetcorn juice, for a well-earned
brew and a bite to eat. Unbelievably,
and only two hours later, the left hand
rod fired off once again, the bobbin
smacking the rod, and the alarm
screaming its high pitched battle cry.
Whacking the rod hard over my
shoulder, the telltale thump of a
hooked fish kicking hard on the line
could be felt, but suddenly it was
gone, and I was left to reel in the now
fishless rig.
One of the problems when fishing
over areas of weed is that sometimes
your rig may be lying in or around bits
of debris, and although the fish will
rip the bottom to pieces in their bid to
find every last bit of food, sometimes
weed on the rig can prevent the hook
being taken fully into their mouths, a
situation that could lead to poor
hookholds and obviously lost fish.
Fishing pop-ups can help, but as I
was fishing over lots of small feed
items, I wanted the hookbaits on the
bottom looking just like another
morsel of food.
With that in mind I added a piece of
dissolving foam to each small PVA
bag in an attempt to hold up the
hooklink for a few seconds, allowing
me to gently pull the rig back onto the
gravel and sand. With the traps now
reset and sat back in the hut, I began
to tidy a few things away. Smack! The
bobbin hit the rod, and the baitrunner
purred its lovely tone – I’d forgotten to
switch the alarm back on! I bent into
another carp, keeping the pressure
(Top) Lovely mid-20lb common.
(Left) 27lb of pure muscle – the lake’s
full of commons like this.


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