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Off With a Bang
on, determined not to let this one
escape. With the dark clouds sat
above me and the light almost gone, I
battled away with another hard-fighting Baden Hall carp. Time after time I
almost had her in the net only for her
to power off at the last minute!
Finally, just at the point of frustration,
and with one last heave, I rolled her
over into the outstretched arm of the
net. Sitting back on my heels I took a
few seconds to compose myself. No
matter what this one weighed she’d
earned herself respect with the awesome fight she’d given.
A few minutes later, after weighing
her at a surprisingly light 21lb, I
picked up my phone and texted Gav
who said he’d shoot over and do me a
couple of quick photos. I was just running around trying to get the rod
recast before darkness completely
took over when the other rod rattled
off! Jesus, give me a minute! The rod
once again took on that now all too
familiar battle curve. With one fish
safe in the net I removed my trousers
and paddled into the deeper water. I
had no option but to try and land this
one in the same net. Within a few
minutes, and without any further fuss, I managed to slip
the net under another golden
common. Stood there out in
the lake up to my wedding
tackle, and with the wind
howling around my head I
suddenly started to laugh to
myself. Soaked and tired and
covered in spod mix, but with
two fish in the net I couldn’t
have been happier.
The second fish was
another upper double, maybe
17 or 18lb, so to save any
undue stress on the pair, I
slipped out the hook and
guided her over the net cord
and off to freedom. Gav
arrived shortly after, and in
the dark we fired off a few
shots of the 21lb’er. The swim
looked like a bombsite, but I
knew I needed to get the rods
back out there. So pushing
myself through the tiredness I
tied up another couple of rigs,
clipped up the rods, attached
the PVA bags, and fired them
out into the darkness. It was
almost midnight before I settled into the sleeping bag.
Gav had long since gone and left me
alone with my thoughts, and before to
long I was curled up in the sleeping
bag, snoring for England. I’d placed
my ATTX receiver next to my head, as
I knew it would take something loud
to wake me from my slumbers, but
unfortunately the much anticipated
action didn’t materialise, as the next
thing I knew it was almost 8am and
the bobbins had remained still.
I was due to leave at 11am, so I still
had a few hours left, but the lack of
fish activity and indication on the
alarms suggested that either the fish
had cleaned me out and done the off,
or the pressure had spooked them a
little. Either way, the next couple of
hours were quiet, and before long I
was starting the slow process of
packing the gear away and loading
everything back into the car. As I
packed the motor, I pondered over the
last couple of days’ fishing. The first
24 hours were spent easing my way
into the session, and generally getting
a feel for the water and how the fish
respond. The final 48 hours proved
that with the right approach and a lit-
tle thought the results are here to be
had. Nine takes over plenty of bait
suggested that they loved the
approach, and the new bait came
through with flying colours.
Gavin arrived to say goodbye and
lock up the shed, and with the sky
getting dark and the rain clouds
above us, we shot back to reception
before the oncoming rainstorm hit us.
With the rain pounding the ground, I
said my goodbyes to Jamie and
J a c q u i e w h o ’d m a d e m e f e e l
extremely welcome. For a first time
trip I’d thoroughly enjoyed myself; the
water is stunning to the eye, set in the
beautiful Staffordshire countryside,
and despite only recently opening, it
looks like it will mature into a wonderful weed-filled gravel pit, home of
some stunning looking common and
mirror carp.
Baden Hall is now a stockist of
Dynamite Baits, so check out their
range of excellent carp, pike and
c o a r s e b a i t s a t w w w. d y n a m i t e
baits.com n
Night time 20lb. What a scrapper!


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