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Bottom Bait Rigs
ing, an extra couple of baits sat alongside your hookbait can bring out the
greedy instinct of a big fish dropping
his guard momentarily long enough
to suck up all the baits and get himself hooked before he realises the
danger. Although stringers of yesteryear would often be made up of multiple baits, I use only up to a maximum of three, with two, or quite often
just one bait attached via PVA tape.
To avoid making a knot in the PVA,
which often leads to a blob left (something you don’t want masking your
hook), I double the PVA tape over and
pull it through the baits with a large
baiting needle. With a large loop protruding I thread the hookbait through
this, and then loop over the bend of
the hook. This way it traps the hair
and alleviates the chance of the hair
tangling on the cast, especially important when using long hairs that could
catch and either tangle the rig to the
leader or wrap round the hook so the
rig won’t work as intended. The top
(Top) Bottom baits out in the silt.
(Below) A cracking mid-30 on a stiff
bait can be pushed within a few millimetres of the bend, and the lower
bait (if using two) can be as far away
as you want. I normally have a gap of
1-2ins. This casts well enough, but
gives a degree of separation.
If you want to use three or four
baits and achieve separation but it
needs to be streamlined on the cast, a
good tip is to really tightly compress
the baits in a good tough PVA stocking and thread one of the baits onto
the hair afterwards, inserting the hair
stop. The hook can be nicked into the
stocking to avoid the hair tangling,
keeping the hookbait tight over the
hook. When the rigs hit the lakebed
and the PVA starts to melt, because
the baits are compressed, the stocking will be under pressure, and as
soon as the PVA has melted in one
area the baits inside will spring out,
leaving a gap of a few inches between
the individual baits, not just an unnat-


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