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Oak Lakes Fisheries
28th-30th September 2018
1. The Combat Stress Charity has been helping former servicemen
and women deal with trauma related health problems such as Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for over 100 years. Combat
Stress provides support to veterans from every service and every
conflict. Holdfast Training Services are proud to support Combat
Stress and will hold a fundraising event in the form of a 48hr carp
match “Carpers for Combat Stress” which will take place at Oak
Lakes Fisheries, Southminster, Essex, over the period 28 – 30 Sep
18 with the aim of raising money for Combat Stress so it can
continue its outstanding work.
2. Entry to the event is open to both military and civilian personnel
with entry on a first come first served basis. The cost of the event
is £50 per angler, the breakdown of costs are as follows:
a. A social BBQ on Sat 29 Sep 18.
b. A breakfast meal (on a day of your choice).
c. An event T Shirt.
Due to the size of Oak Lakes Fisheries the event is restricted to 16
Arrival Details
3. All competitors attending the event are requested to arrive at Oak
Lakes Fisheries by no later than (NLT) 0700hrs Fri 28 Sep 18, for
those anglers wishing to arrive early Oak Lakes Fisheries have
kindly granted permission for anglers to “bivvy up” on the night of
27 Sep 18.
4. Venue. Carpers for Combat Stress will take place on the Oak Lake
which forms part of the Oak Lake Fisheries complex. The Oak Lake
is a well-established 60 year old lake which is fished as a day ticket
venue; it is approx 10 acres in size and holds a good head of carp
up to 30 lbs. The lake also holds a good head of bream and mixed
coarse fish. Oak Lakes Fisheries is an outstanding venue with
excellent facilities and hospitality, onsite facilities include:
a. Shower block and toilet.
b. Onsite café.
c. Easy access to all swims.
d. Excellent swims (stage stands or pods are required for some
e. Secure parking.
More information can be found on the website at:
5. Event Rules. The event is to be fished in accordance with Carp
Match rules, and is fished in pairs with anglers fishing and scoring
as single competitors. Each competitor may have no more than 2
baited rods in the water at any one time. Baits may only be
introduced in to the water by either throwing stick, spod, hand
thrown or catapult. No bait boats or wading to place baits is
allowed at any time, wading is allowed to aid in casting and to land
a fish safely or to enable you to control it away from snags. All
baiting and the casting of rods must be done within 10 metres of
your peg marker. Once you have drawn your peg you may begin
baiting up and marking out your swim, but no baited rigs can enter
the water until the horn is signalled. The only fish that will score
points are Mirror, Common and Leather Carp. A copy of the rules
will be handed out prior to the peg draw for those that require a
6. Fish Safety: Fish safety is an absolute priority, and this takes
precedence over all other aspects, all competitors attending the
event must adhere to the following rules at all times:
a. All competitors must be in possession of the following:
• A high quality unhooking mat (preferably a carp cradle) which is
fit for purpose.
• A suitable weigh sling/retaining sling.
Please contact Matty Herbert for more details
Email - mattyherb@hotmail.co.uk
Phone No - 07889057041
• Carp care kit.
b. Competitors must ensure that they pay the utmost attention to
the use of safe rigs (no death rigs) any competitors that are
unsure about rig safety must seek guidance prior to the event.
All fish must be weighed as soon as possible; weights are
verified by the angler in the adjacent swim. Verifying anglers
MUST sign the weigh sheet on completion, failure to do this will
render the fish capture NULL AND VOID.
7. Bait. All competitors are to provide their own bait and should take
in to consideration local weather conditions leading up to and
including the time of the event.
8. Draw. The draw will be in two phases, they are as follows:
a. Confirmation of competing pairs to take place at the café at
0730hrs Fri 28 Sep 18.
b. Watercraft draw at 0800hrs Fri 28 Sep 18.
Service Support
9. Transport. Transport for the event is to be self-sufficient, on arrival
at the venue all vehicles must be parked within the allocated
parking areas at Oak Lakes Fisheries.
10. Accommodation. There is no accommodation available for event;
competitors are to be aware that the event will be held over 72
hours so suitable equipment is essential.
11. Feeding. Competitors are required to make their own
arrangements for feeding throughout the exercise. There will a
planned BBQ Social Event on Sat 29 Sep 18 and all competitors
are entitled to one paid meal in the on-site café. It is to be noted
that there are local amenities in the nearby town of Southminster.
12. Registration. To enable sufficient planning and preparation prior to
the event competitors MUST register their intention to enter the
event with Matty Herbert by NLT 1 Aug 18.
13. Location. On arrival at Oak Lakes Fisheries all competitors are to
report to Mark Jobling (Event Organiser) to sign in and receive an
introductory brief, the address for Oak Lakes Fisheries is:
Oak Lakes Fishery, Burnham Road, Southminster,
Essex CM0 7BJ


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