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Getting More Bites in Winter
hen it comes
to winter cold
water carping, especially
when the
weather is as
cold as it’s been recently, then like
most of you guys out there I like to
see the bobbins moving whenever
possible. Whilst I admire the hardcore
angler who is prepared to fish long
and hard all winter for the odd or rare
chance of a winter whacker, nothing
in my opinion beats getting the rods
bent on a cold winter’s day. I’ve been
enjoying winter carping for a number
of years and whilst I’ve gone down
the road of long, hard nights on difficult waters, these days I try to at least
give myself a fighting chance of a
bite. Don’t get me wrong, holding up a
cold water chunk from difficult waters
is a dream we all probably aspire to,
but for now as long as I’m catching
20lb-plus fish I’m more than happy.
The right venue
Of course there are a number of
waters in the southern part of the
country where you can combine the
two: CEMEX Angling’s Frimley and
Sandhurst lakes are two venues that
immediately spring to mind, where
not only is it possible to regularly
catch fish of 30lb and above, but both
waters have fish up to 40lb – a real
winter whacker for any angler.
For those of us that angle in the
north of the country setting our sites a
little lower and certainly more realistically is something we have had to do
for a number of years, especially during the harsh cold winter months.
Whilst most of 2009 I was busy chasing two northwest 40lb-plus fish from
two different waters, over the last few
weeks I’ve been trying to get out as
much as possible and try and catch
on a regular basis.
With the harsh weather we experienced at Christmas and into the New
Year this was at times impossible, but
with a little luck and some patience I
got the chance to flex my carbons
regularly enough to keep me from
going totally stir crazy! One venue
that I like to visit as often as possible
that suits my winter angling and ticks
(Above) Choose your winter venue
(Bottom) Fine, small E.S.P hooks are
my winter choice.
all the right boxes is Midland’s venue
and well-known winter producer Cuttle Mill near Sutton Coldfield. Not only
is it full of good-sized carp, but with
anglers present most days there’s
always something going on. Food
gets introduced all the time and
anglers casting and catching fish regularly keep them moving, and simply
put, moving fish have to eat.
Even if I haven’t had a chance to
get there for a couple of weeks, I
know the fish will have been angled
for to some degree so there’s little
chance of the fish switching off and
becoming dormant. This is a major
bonus for anyone who wants to keep
catching during the colder months.
There are a number of waters up and
down the country like Cuttle Mill, and
it’s down to the individual to choose
which is most suitable for their own
angling needs.
Like I’ve already said, when it
comes to winter carp fishing then to
me one of the most important issues
is to get bites – obvious I know, but
it’s surprising how many people go
through the motions with no real
chance of a bite at all.
Once you’ve found the right venue
and you’re happy with your choice
then the hard work can begin, and
there are a number of important
issues to consider if we are to be as
successful as possible during these
harsh cold months. The most impor-


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