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Getting More Bites in Winter
tant is of course location, and to be
honest no carp angler worth his salt
should be fishing where there’s no
Fine down for
more bites
Without doubt smaller baits and
subsequently finer tackle will get you
more bites in the cold weather – ask
any match angler what they do when
the going gets tough and freezing
cold temperatures take a hold on our
waters. Simple, they drop down their
hookbait and hook size, and their line
strength – simply put, the finer they
go the more bites they get.
It’s no different for carp anglers, but
obviously we have to keep things in
perspective. A 30lb carp is a big fish,
but it’s surprising how easy it is to
land carp of this size when their
metabolism is low and they’re not
charging around like rhinos! Now
before anyone goes out and spools up
with 4lb line, let’s be sensible here –
good quality 10lb mono is very strong,
and if your water is weed free, and
more importantly snag free, then
there’s no real need to use thick,
heavy 15lb line. Sensible choices on
line and terminal tackle dependent on
your own water and the size of the
fish should be made, but fining down
as always proved beneficial to me
during the colder months.
Hook choice is a simple one for me
now, and I look for a lightweight,
sharp, straight pointed version most
of the time. Although old and perhaps
overlooked, Drennan Super Specialists, which I slightly tweak by bending in the eye, are a very good hook,
and in size 6 they offer both strength
and lightness. Other favourites are
the ranges from E.S.P, in particular the
G4 Raptors and the Curve Shanx,
again both cracking little hooks in the
smaller sizes. Obviously it’s no point
using fine, small hooks with unbalanced, thick hooklinks. Links of 15lb
BS is as strong as I like to go, and
there are a number of good quality
hooklinks that fit the bill. For sometime now I’ve used Fox Cortex, and
the 15lb version is usually my first
choice. I also like to dispense with
any sort of leadcore and rely on the
low visibility virtues of a good quality
(Top) Little bags of attraction.
(Below) New bait, instant success.


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