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Getting More Bites in Winter
fluorocarbon with a few dabs of tungsten putty added for good measure.
Go small
When it comes to bait, there are so
many good winter carp catching baits
available that we really are spoilt for
choice. The obvious choice, and one
that’s become so popular in recent
times, is the humble maggot. Made
popular by the writings of Rob
Maylin, maggots are a definite on the
list of all time winter baits. On some
venues though, the presence of small
fish, especially roach, can make
things difficult, and in these situations I usually keep the maggots for
attraction only by the way of PVA
bags, and rely on larger food items for
use on the hook. When it comes to
boilies then I prefer small 10mm baits
for the majority of my angling. Not
only do these sized baits offer some-
thing a little different, but they are
also readily taken by all species of
fish. Whether a degree of preoccupation is possible during the winter, well
that’s difficult to say with any accuracy, but I much prefer the option of a
pouch or two of 10mm’ers to larger
15-18mm baits any day.
I can clearly remember Tim Paisley
writing about small baits in winter a
few years ago. Tim was using, if I
r e m e m b e r c o r r e c t l y, 8 o r 1 0 m m
Grange boilies and fishing multiple
baits over a scattering of these small
particle type baits. His results during
the cold months were fantastic, and
(Top) Roy the bailiff getting amongst
(Above) As long as I’m catching, I
don’t mind what the scales say!
(Right) Dynamite’s excellent 10mm
certainly opened a few people’s eyes
to what was possible on the right
venue with correct application and
use of bait. I’ve always held the belief
that attracting any type of fish into
the area and encouraging them to
feed will eventually lead to the carp
investigating, and ultimately feeding
strongly enough to make a mistake on
our hookbaits. Small, attractive baits
simply do that better than larger food
items – you only have to look at the
success people have with maggots to
see that.
Dynamite Baits now do a great
range of attractive 10mm baits
including the new Chocolate Malt,
Mango and Peach with Maple Cream
and Banana Nut Crunch. These are
ideal winter baits, packed full of
attractive carp catching additives. On
a pre-Christmas trip to Cuttle Mill I
got the chance to use the New Rod
Hutchinson Mango and Peach baits,
and bites came quickly, which was a
sure sign of the bait’s attractiveness
in the cold water.
Hookbaits I feel need a little more


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