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Getting More Bites in Winter
attention, and once again where possible I like to go down the small bait
route. If using standard 14-15mm size
baits, then these can be easily
trimmed down to the required size
with a sharp pair of scissors or a craft
knife. When possible though I prefer
the option of rolling my own handmade 10-12mm ones, mostly utilising
some kind of pop-up mix to add buoyancy to these small baits.
I’ve recently done this and produced a lovely batch of buoyant 1012mm baits incorporating Rod
Hutchinson’s Chocolate Malt flavour
and Regular Sense Appeal to produce
lovely smelling hookbaits that complement the nutty Dynamite Baits
Chocolate Malt 10mm free offerings
I’ve been using. The end result is a
perfect combination, and one I’m
totally happy with.
Moving away from boilies, there are
a number of other good winter baits
that fall into the small baits category:
maggots, as I’ve already mentioned,
are superb, and now
come with me on
almost every trip, as is
sweetcorn, either
flavoured or plain, and
good old Pepperami
should not be overlooked as a bait that’s
caught more than its
share of winter carp.
Pe l l e ts c a n a l s o be
useful, especially as
back-up feed and PVA
bags but I do prefer
the fruity/nut type
feed pellets and keep
away from oily fish
(Above) Lovely mid-20 mirror.
(Left) Hookbait dips can be a real
(Below) Don’t overlook good old
sweetcorn, especially Scopex
type at this time of year.
Although not exactly falling into
the small baits category, I have to
mention paste type baits, as the
attractiveness that a good quality
paste offers is superb. This is one area
of winter carping that I’m very keen
to explore further, and a whole host of
ingredients from both the supermar-


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