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Getting More Bites in Winter
ket and the tackle shop can be used
to make high leakage dissolvable
pastes that will send out ‘food signals’
in even the coldest of conditions. Presenting paste couldn’t be easier, and I
favour two little 10mm baits, one a
pop-up and one a sinker so its nicely
balanced, covered in an attractive
fruity paste, and you have a trap that
would be hard for any fish to ignore.
Hardened winter carp angler Shaun
Harrison has been singing the praises
of winter pastes for some time now,
and his company Quest Baits sell
ready prepared paste, making things
so much easier for us. Shaun’s winter
carp catching results are second to
none, and if you’re struggling to get
bites on your standard tactics, paste
type baits might just give you that
edge you need.
Dip them!
On the theme of attraction, there’s
no better way of drawing attention to
your hookbait than with an attractive
smelling hookbait dip. Most companies sell a variety of these gooey
glugs that the angler can either use as
a short-term dip or a longer-term
hookbait glug, allowing your bait to
(Top) Sometimes it’s surprising how small you can go in the winter.
(Below) More winter small bait success.
really soak in the attractive juices of
the liquid. I’ve been a fan of this
method for a number of years, and
have had hookbaits soaking in various liquids for month after month, the
end results of which have been
power-packed balls of food signals,
ideal for the carp to home in on when
it’s cold.
Keep active
Another little edge, and one that
suits my type of winter carp fishing, is
consistently keeping active and
working for those bites. Again the
types of venues similar to Cuttle Mill,
i.e. well stocked and relatively busy,
means that trying different areas or


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