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Getting More Bites in Winter
recasting to bubbling fish etc can be
quite productive. The fish on these
types of venues are used to being
fished for, and whilst I still try and
stay quiet on the bankside, searching
areas with roving rods or casting to
any signs of fish can be both rewarding and mentally stimulating. I’m certainly not one to cast out three rods
and vegetate on the bedchair when
fishing in the winter.
When the wind bites through your
gloves and the cold is ringing in your
ears, remember why you’re sat on the
banks of that cold, bleak looking
water – the bleep of a buzzer, a tightening of your line, and that adrenaline
rush as a hooked carp shakes its head
for freedom. As you hold that cold and
slimy carp up to the camera your grinning smile gives you your answer!
Winter carping – I love it! n
Returning a cold water carp – winter, I
love it!
Carp Fisheries
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