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Lights, Camera,Action
ever clock watching and worrying
some accident or mishap will delay
me and cause me to be late! At
6.45am Glynn, one of the owners,
opened the gates and met me in his
usual cheerful way, and with a couple
of other anglers who’d just arrived, we
all drew numbers out of the hat for our
swims. Luckily I pulled out peg 16,
one of the noted swims on the lake,
and one with an excellent reputation
in the colder months. Without hesitation I loaded the barrow with my gear
and after first dipping my landing net,
which is a compulsory task when visiting the water, I set off to peg 16 keen
to see what the day had in store.
Quickly I attached fresh baits to my
already rigged up rods, and within ten
minutes I’d managed to get all three
rods out quickly and quietly. Single
hookbaits were the order of the day
fished just off the bottom on mini zig
With the rods sorted I spent the
next couple of minutes clearing a few
bits away when suddenly the left
hand bobbin twitched up a few
(Top) A corker all caught live on film.
(Centre right) A whole host of new
hooks and hooklink to try.
(Right) Giving my new Harrison rods
a good testing.
inches then stopped, quivering next
to the alarm. Sweeping back the rod I
felt the satisfying thump of a hooked
fish, and a quick look at my watch
confirmed my thoughts – it was only
7.20am, and I was already into a fish.
After a brief tussle I slipped the net
under a little scamp common around
14-15lb. I quickly returned him and
after rebaiting, fired out the rig to the
same spot. Things were looking good
– 20 minutes into the session and one
already on the bank, lovely! It was a
full 30 minutes later when the same
rod signalled a take as the bobbin


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