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In Search of Monster Carp
of my road in the car, I had several
things that I needed to do and just
was completely shut off. Fishing in
general has been crap because of this,
and the fishing tackle industry has
been crap too. I know this has been
one of the hardest winters on record
for fishing tackle shops, what with the
monetary climate as it is at the
moment, and people not spending a
lot of money at Christmas like they
used to. Then to follow that up then
with almost three months of sustained really cold miserable weather
with nobody going into tackle shops,
let alone spending any money and
(Above) A choked Road Lake in the
(Below) Road Lake, Baby Spot, 26lb
being hit by the fact that a lot of stuff
is available on the Internet these
days, it’s really made it tough for
tackle shops.
I know perhaps I bleat on about this
every year, but I’m one of those people that think that everybody should
support their local tackle shops; I
think it’s a really important part of the
local community. Of course you’ll be
able to buy stuff off the internet and in
some cases you’ll be able to get it
cheaper, although most tackle shops
follow suit and do some good deals
now, but you aren’t going to be able
to go and buy two pints of maggots
off the Internet, and if you’re not careful, not going into your tackle shop
and supporting them is going to
mean that they have to close down.
Then only the really successful, big
shops will survive this hard time that
the whole economy, and in fact the
whole world, is having, let alone the
fishing tackle industry. So try to
remember that when you want to buy
a few bits and pieces, if you want to
keep your local tackle shop going
you’re better off going down there to
buy the stuff and keep them going.
Anyway, that’s me off my soapbox...
On a brighter note, it has perked up
and my phone hasn’t stopped ringing
with people calling in with their captures. It’s been quiet for a couple of
months; even book sales have been
quiet after the Christmas rush despite
having several new titles, but all of a
sudden it’s gone mad. Everyone
wants to get out on the bank again,
and my phone, as I say, hasn’t stopped
ringing. I had Leon Bartropp on the
other day who has just had a 45lb
common, and another guy from Essex
called me to say he’s had a 43lb common, so there are big fish coming out
all over the place. What a start to the
day today too – I arranged this trip a
few weeks ago with John to come
down and see him at the end of
March as usual to talk about his season’s results. I just got down here
with him, and we were looking at a
few fish in the snags down to the
right of where he’s fishing. Funnily
enough I’d said to John, “Stick a gallon of maggots down just outside the
snags, and they’ll soon be down on
that,” but he’s pretty confident in this
new boilie he’s got that he is marketing under the name Scattered Baits.
Sure enough, he hadn’t even had a
chance to make me a cup of tea when
the rod went off. I’m not going to tell
y o u w h a t i t i s n o w, o r w h a t i t
weighed, or the fact that John’s been
fishing down here for it for the last
three seasons… I’m going to leave all
that to John, so without further ado,
I’ll pass the mic over to John.
John: Hello, and I’d like to thank
Rob for coming down, as we seem to
be doing this once a year now and
time just flies, mate! Another season
has gone, and I do look forward to
these times down here doing these
interviews with Rob. I’m not going to
start of with what’s happened today;
I’m going to save that to a bit later on
because its been a hard old year this
year, not just fishing-wise but workwise. It’s just been a crappy year for
everyone I think.


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