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Slip D Plus Aligner
Slip D End Plus
same with carp coming from the
same areas and some different spots,.
Most of the bigger fish os 40lb-plus
came from the deeper areas of the
lake in 4ft to 5ft. There are some koi
carp in the lake, which I managed to
catch three of, a couple of double figure ghost kois and a kolden koi. I
packed up Friday afternoon, as we
had to be off the lake by 10am Saturday morning.
It was a fantastic week, and I probably could have caught more fish
because a couple of nights I didn’t
even put the rods out. I was lucky I
picked the right swim because the
rest of the lake didn’t fish as well
apart from swim J, which fished well
with 20-plus fish caught. It’s a great
venue, and I would recommend it to
I had 30 fish that week:
Five doubles.
Ten twenties to 28lb.
Seven thirties to 37lb.
Four forties to 47lb.
Two ghost kois, doubles.
One golden koi, double.
One golden catfish, small.
Most fish to this simple rig with a
size 6 hook…
Tie a long double overhand loop.
Slide on line aligner or sleeve.
Pass loop through eye of hook.
Slide on small link swivel.
Pass loop over point of hook.
Slide line aligner sleeve back over
hook and adjust loop.
Tie on bait (I was using this setup:
bottom bait with bright pink pop-up
plus shot on 20lb braid hooklink close
to hook).
With this setup, it’s possible to
change the hook easily.
I also have a double overhand loop
with anti-tangle sleeve and quickchange swivel for quick changing of
rig. I combine this setup with the Piet
Vogel Freedom Lead Clip system.
When a carp is hooked, it will shake
its head, which will make the swivel
release from the lead clip. The carp
can no longer use the weight of the
lead to shake off the lightly penetrated hook. If a line break happens,
the swivel will release from the lead
clip, and the mainline (without any
shockleader knot) can pass through
tubing, tail rubber and lead clip, leaving only the hooklink free.
As I was fishing on my own and
nowhere near any other anglers, I had
to take any fish pics myself. I used the


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