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In Search of Monster carp
spots, and got two rods out there. I
put out about ten or 15 baits, and a
couple of little spods of pellet. It was
a beautiful day, really red hot, and
Ollie and I were sitting there enjoying
a bit of bonding time. I do miss a lot of
time with Ollie because I’m fishing
and whether it’s right or wrong,
Jean’s as good as gold with it. But it
was just nice to have a bit of quality
time with just him and me up here. So
we sat there that night, and I think we
had a nice big spaghetti bolognaise,
so I fed him well and he was just
buzzing to be up here, being able to
see what it was all about.
Well that night we had the most
horrendous thunderstorm. It was just
crazy, and absolutely lashed it down,
which is not ideal conditions for the
Road Lake. One thing I have learned
in my time up here is that it doesn’t
seem to really respond to well to the
rain. I think we woke up about eight
o’clock in the morning; we just having some breakfast, Ollie was out
looking at the lake, and I was eating a
bowl of Cheerios. My buzzer had
actually packed up in all the rain, and
Ollie noticed that the bobbin was
drilling through the buzzer and the tip
was pulling round, so he shouted out
for me. As I got to the rod I could see
the line picking up off the bar, struck
into it, and it was quite a weird fight.
Looking back now, I should have
realised straight away which fish it
was, because it fought exactly the
same when my mate Dan had it back
in March. It weeded me up, but I basically kept the pressure on, and managed to get it through the weed, and
then there was a lot of just under the
rod tip sort of stuff. At the time I didn’t
know it was Clover, but what she kept
trying to do was bury her head along
the margin, obviously trying to shed
the hook.
Anyway, this went on for about ten
minutes, and then I got her in the net.
Both Ollie and I looked in, and it was
Clover. It was like a mad, mad time for
me because Ollie’s never seen a 40lb
fish, and to have him there was great
– and it was my personal best. You
couldn’t have asked for anything better. We got her out, unhooked her,
weighed her, and she went bang-on
42lb, so it was a new PB for me and I
thought right, well, that last four or
five weeks of pulling my hair out was
worth it. All of a sudden I’d set my
mind on where I wanted to be and
where I wanted to catch her, and on
my first real proper trip down there, I
was lucky enough to catch her off the
So after that session, thought I
knew where I was going to head for
next in pursuit of the Dink. I ended up
coming up the top end, and fishing
the Hump and Number One quite a
bit, and lo and behold a week later
someone went down to the Bar and
caught the Dink! So it just goes to
show, although we say Clover lives
down the bottom end and the Dink
lives up the top end, it’s a small pond,
and they do get around it a lot. That
would have been the last place I
would have thought of the Dink being
caught from, but that’s fishing.
So, I was really buzzing about that;
I’d achieved what I’d set out to do and
part of plan A had worked. I’d started
to move back up the top end, and I’d
done a hell of a lot of time in the
Hump, but all to no avail. I kept plodding through it, and I think my next
bite was around about the 15th
(Top) Little Fully, 17lb 3oz, Road Lake.
(Left) Sutton Back Lake, 19lb 15oz.


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