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In Search of Monster Carp
August. I’d had enough of trying to
chase the Dink in one area, and I
thought this is silly. It might be the
way to fish sometimes for these big
fish, but sometimes it isn’t, and you
can also do yourself out of bites. I’ve
always been a firm believer that the
more bites you get, the better, and in
the end one of the better ones will
come along. So I went back to where
I had Clover, and fished the Bar. I
think Tel was down on that session,
and I think he’d had one the day
before, the Big Fully, at 29lb or 30lb. I
set up in the Bar, and at eight o’clock
that morning, I had another take bang
from where I’d had Clover, the same
spot, which absolutely ripped off. It
turned out to be a fish that we’d
caught, called Baby Orange, which is
a dead ringer for Orange Spot, and it
was 26lb 12oz. This was the 15th
August, so considering the amount of
knowledge that I’d built up on this
place, I wasn’t by any means taking it
apart; I’d caught my target fish and
then backed it up with a 26lb’er.
After that I did a hell of a lot more
sessions, but like I said I just couldn’t
really put my finger on it this season.
I had a lot going on in my personal life
with work, as my dad’s and my company went down the tubes, so I was
out of work, and I’m getting married
in June this year, so I had a lot on my
plate. It’s not an excuse, but my head
was all over the place, and I was fishing like a bit of an idiot really. I carried
on plugging away, and then I had a
session in a swim called the Dog Leg.
There was a massive weedbed out
there, and there was a lot of fish. I
thought, well, it’s that old scenario
again; Nigel caught the Dink from
there, so perhaps the Dog Leg’s the
swim I should be concentrating on
more for the Dink. I found myself
doing a session in there, and on my
first trip I had a bit of a plumb about.
Like I said, there was a bit of a sunken
weedbed out there, and it’s quite a
chuck from Dog; it was probably
encroaching more on Reeds/Launch
water. Basically what I was doing was
whacking the marker on top of the
weedbed, then just teasing back, and
I was feeling it drop down off the
weedbed, and you’d get that familiar
donk, so I knew I was fishing right up
tight to it.
The houses behind us decided to
have a live band that night, so there
was no way I was getting to sleep. It
was quite entertaining to listen to
them because they was obviously all
drunk and having a good time, but
when you’re trying to get to sleep on
a lake, it ain’t the one. At bang-on 12
o’clock, I had an absolute flying take
and struck it. I was playing this fish
and shouted out to my mate Ian that I
was in trouble. I got it back to the
edge all right but with the biggest
amount of weed, and it was just a
stalemate. I just couldn’t get the fish,
as the weedbed was right in the margin with the fish. I could see the fish
just at the back of it, but the weedbed
was so enormous, I just couldn’t get
the whole lot in. I ended up sort of
stripping weed for the next hour,
gaining a bit of line, stripping a bit
more weed, and gaining a bit more
I was shouting for Ian, but never
heard me. How he didn’t hear me I
don’t know – maybe because of the
band playing, or perhaps he’d put
some earmuffs on or something. Any-
(Top) Sutton Back Lake, 29lb 2oz.
(Left) 28lb, Sutton Back Lake.


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