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In Search of Monster Carp
way, finally, I think at about one in the
morning, finally got this fish in the
net, and it was a 27lb half linear,
which yet again, I was well chuffed
with. I wasn’t setting it on fire up here
or anything, and you had a lot of good
anglers up here as well this year. I
mean we’d lost the likes of Nigel,
Mick, and a couple of the others who
are more than capable anglers, but
then they were replaced with the
likes of Phil Kingsbury who in his own
right has caught a lot of big fish, and
other good anglers. So, you seem to
get rid of one lot of good anglers and
then got another lot appears, so
you’re sort of fishing against the
anglers up here as well, and it is a
small pond. But anyway, I was happy,
as it was my third bite of the season,
and it ended up being a 27lb mirror.
Now that was back in September
and then I think I waited until it was
October to get my next bite, which
was from the Dog Leg again. Ben
Hamilton had come up and set up in
the Hump swim, and we were sitting
there having a cup of tea and a catch
up, and I had a ripping take, which
ended up being the Little Fully at
17lb. Again, not the biggest fish but a
couple that I hadn’t caught, so I was
pleased to catch them. I didn’t want
to start doubling up and tripling up on
So this was sort of October time,
and I must admit I was starting to
lose a little bit of heart. The journey
was getting to me a little bit, and like
I said, I had a lot of other stuff going
on, so I decided to turn my attention
to Sutton Back Lake. I’ve been fortunate enough to catch quite a few fish
out of there, including a nice broken
linear that goes 38lb-39lb. It was coming up to November, and it was the
first year that it was going to go
nights on there, so I decided not to
take a break. I was still coming up
and doing the odd single night, but
I’ve started to concentrate a little bit
on Sutton Back Lake. It’s five minutes
from home, so I found myself on there
on the opening night. It’s a bit like the
Road Lake; a very small narrow lake,
and I remember waking up that first
morning and there were just too
many bivvies, and that’s not really like
how I like to fish. You’re sort of all on
top of each other, but I was fortunate
and I bagged one, a 19lb’er. I was
starting to think perhaps this wasn’t
the one, but like I said, I carried on,
and I kept plodding through down
I went back and did another single
night, bagged another 19lb mirror,
and then I had a couple of 20lb commons – a nice upper-20 common and
a low-20 common. This was round
about the 15th-16th November, and
I’d actually taken my son and my dad.
We went up to Wembley to watch the
England under-21’s play against Por-
tugal, which was a great day. We
were driving back; it was absolutely
blowing a hooligan, and it was just
one of those times, every carp angler
gets them, and I just had to go fishing.
I just knew I had to be on a lake; I didn’t care which lake, but I had to be on
a lake. So I dropped Ollie off, spoke to
Jean and said, “Look I’m just going to
go for a quick overnighter on Sutton
Back Lake.” I was half expecting it to
be absolutely mobbed down there,
but I couldn’t believe it… I mean the
conditions were just spot-on and I
was the only one on the pond. The
back bank normally tends to flood
quite a bit with the river, so I ended
up trudging through the river with all
my kit, and setting up in a swim
called the Logs. I remember giving
Nigel a bell saying, “I’m fishing,” and
his reply was, “You’re mad being out
there in this,” because it was blowing
a proper hooligan. But I just had that
feeling, and it didn’t matter where I
was going to be that night; I was
going to catch one.
So I ended up setting up in the
Logs in probably about six inches of
water. It carried on raining that night
but at about one or two o’clock in the
morning, I had an absolute meltdown
take, resulting in a stunning 29lb 12oz
mirror. Rob can have a look at the pictures, and they’ll be with this interview, as it’s probably one of the bestlooking fish I have ever caught, an
absolutely stunning carp. So that was
middle of November and I started yet
again thinking about coming back to
the Road Lake, as I really wanted to
get this done and dusted this year. As
I said, I’m getting married in June, and
I wanted to try and find a water closer
to home, so I can see a little bit more
of my son and Jean. I’ve got a Cotton
Farm ticket, so I spent a bit of time
walking round there in the summer. I
actually did two quick overnighters
on there. On the first night I fished a
swim called the Dugout and had two
tench and lost a carp due to a hook
pull. So I thought, I’ve really got to
crack down up at the Road Lake this
year, or certainly the back end, to try
to get done what I want to get done
to get onto Cotton.
Now because of the way it had
been going up here; it hadn’t been
22lb, Sutton Back Lake.


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