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In Search of Monster carp
exactly brilliant for me, I was thinking
of a different approach. Sitting here
with the man himself, who invented
the mag-aligner, I thought, I’m going
to have a good crack with maggots.
I’ve seen people come up here and
have a semi-go with them with a couple of pints, but I thought if I’m going
do this, I’m going do it properly, so I
started coming up with a gallon at a
time. The swim that I had in mind that
would have been ideal for it would
have been Chestnuts, a very good
winter area. There’s a hell of a lot of
bloodworm out there in the winter,
but I thought there was no way I was
going to start baiting up with a gallon
of maggots every trip and then not
getting the swim, because it is that
popular it gets fished all the time. So I
chose a swim called the Reeds, and
found a nice little hard spot about
20yds out, and I started fishing the old
mag bags out there. The first 48-hour
trip nothing happened, but as I was
packing up, I decided to spod the rest
of the maggots out to this spot ready
for my return in two days’ time.
I came back in two days with
another gallon, and got the mag bags
out. The first night passed, and deep
down I knew on that second trip it
wasn’t going to be the area, because I
thought if the fish were there they
would have been on them straight
away, but I wasn’t even getting any
line bites; there was just nothing happening, and it looked dead. It was
absolutely chucking it down, so I
decided to wind in and go back to the
van to get another water canister. As
I was walking round the Number One
snags I saw a load of fish in there, so I
thought this is crazy, I’ve got to move.
I ended up running back round,
packed all my gear up in the rain, and
moved back into the Hump swim – I
got absolutely drenched.
Now the reason why I didn’t go into
the Number One was because at the
time, as I said, Ben Hamilton had been
fishing up here, and there was quite a
nice bit of etiquette between the few
of us, so we weren’t stepping on each
other’s toes, Ben had been doing a little bit of time in Number One, and I
phoned him up and said, “Look, there
are fish in Number One snags, are you
due to come up?” Ben replied, “Yeah,
I am coming up,” and I said, “Well look
is it a problem if I go in the Hump
Swim?” He said, “No, no, sound, you
Scattered Linear, 35lb 1oz, Road Lake.
go for it.” So I ended up setting up in
the Hump swim, but Ben never
turned up in the end; I don’t know
why, but he didn’t manage to get up
that night. It was about three o’clock
in the morning; I was up here on my
own, and I had a fierce take again,
fishing locked up. I was playing this
fish, which went on for about ten minutes, and it was snaking across the
top a little bit. Anyway, I managed to
net the fish, and when I was looking
at it in the dark, I could see it was a
good fish. It was quite broad, and for a
split second I thought it was the Dink,
but on closer inspection it was probably one of the hardest ones out of here
to catch – the Scattered Linear, a classic looking carp. It was mad because
when I started to use maggots, I
thought that would be the one that I
would catch on maggots. I know that
friend of Rob’s, Aaron, was tampering
with maggots up here, and he actually
lost a fish on them. Then Nigel caught
it at the back end, and it still had
Aaron’s rig in it, still had the hook. So,
out of all the fish, I did think that


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