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In Search of Monster Carp
would be one that would fall prey to
the maggots straight away. I phoned
Ben up about four in the morning, and
fair play to him, he came up and we
did the pictures. It was 35lb 1oz, so I
was absolutely buzzing, as it was
another one of my A-list fish off the
list so to speak.
So I had to pack up, as I had to be
off that morning, and I went home,
and basically pleaded with Jean to
come back to do a single night
because I just had that gut feeling. I
thought, right I’ve found you, and this
is where you’re going to winter-up, so
I need to get back up there. So after
begging Jean to let me come back up,
which she did, I came back up for a
quick overnighter, straight in the
Hump Swim again, got the rods out,
got the mag bags back up onto the
margin spot, and I had a take very
quickly, which caught me off guard. It
was about half ten at night and I ran
down to the rod, but I just couldn’t
stop this fish; it was just flat-rodding
me. It actually straightened the hook,
and the point had burred right over, so
I don’t know what I latched into. I
know it’s the old cliché, but it was a
good fish. I could feel it as it was kicking, and it had some weight behind it,
but whatever it was, it just smashed
me – I had no chance.
As the tip sprung back my first
thought was that the hooklink had
snapped when I’d had to keep the
pressure on, but as I said, when I got
the rig in, the hook had opened up. I
hurled the rod into the bush, as I was
really annoyed you know. I was gutted to tell you the truth; it might have
been the Dink, well, I don’t know if it
was the Dink.
So I spoke to Nigel and said, “I’ve
just lost quite a good fish,” and his
reply was, “You’ve got to get the rod
back up there.” Now it isn’t the easiest of spots to get a rod back to even
in daylight, let alone in the dark, so I
was adamant I wasn’t going to do it. I
was annoyed with myself, and I got in
the sleeping bag. I remember lying
there and I thought, I’m not going to
be beaten here, and even if it takes me
two or three hours I’m getting it back
out there. I think about half one, quarter to two in the morning I finally got
the rod back on the area, and I was
shattered. I thought well, at least it’s
back out there fishing where I had the
I woke up that morning, and nothing, not a bleep, and in my heart of
hearts I thought I’d blown it through
mucking about trying to get a rod
back out there in the dark. In all my
years of fishing I’ve never really had
the chance to see fish up close in
crystal clear water, because Sutton’s a
murky pit, and a lot of the Kent pits
that I’ve fished have been murky. So I
walked along the bank, and I remember walking back up to the margin,
and I could see the mag bag, and I
could see my rig, just like looking into
a bath. I was thinking it looked dead,
and just out the corner of my eye I
saw a fish move along the bottom of
the s he l f i n the de e pe r w a te r. I
thought perhaps I could salvage
something, so I watched the fish for a
30lb fish.


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