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In Search of Monster Carp
like to say fair play to one angler, little
Chris. He doesn’t get a lot of time, but
he came down and fished in Chestnut, and at about one o’clock that
morning, he actually had Pimple from
under the ice, so that’s a feat in itself.
So I came back up again, and persevered in Number Five. Another
angler that’s been very successful up
here this year was Wayne – he’s just
gone through them like a dose of
salts. It just seemed to be that this
was the water that he clicked with.
He hadn’t been up here all winter, and
he set up in the Dog Leg, and his first
night ended up catching one at 35lb
4oz, so I’d like to say well done to
those two lads, but at this point I’d
been sitting up here through everything and not a sniff. It wasn’t green
eye; you don’t get jealous, but you
start to think it’s got to be my turn
sooner or later, as I’d fished through
all this crap and still nothing was happening.
So like I said, I’m going to bring you
right up to present, which is today,
and my lucky mascot, Rob, has turned
up. The first time he was with me, I
had a fish called the Missing Starburst out of Chestnuts, which was
36lb, and he’s turned up here today. I
was showing him some fish in the
A new dawn, Road Lake.
snags, and one of them was the Dink,
and there were a few of the other
good ones too. Before I could even
pour him a cup of tea I had an
absolute belter of a take, and after a
good scrap with Rob doing the netting for me, I’ve finally achieved my
goal, which was the Dink. The
weight’s irrelevant to me, and I’ve
already had it off a couple of people
this morning, as they thought it would
have been 40lb, but it wasn’t 40lb, it
was 39lb 12oz. But to me it’s made my
s e a s o n t o h a v e h a d, a l o n g w i t h
Clover, the two biggest fish in the lake
as well as the Scattered – I can’t ask
for much more. I’m blown away, and
this interview has probably sounded a
bit rambling, because like I said, I’ve
literally had it about an hour ago, and
I’m still really buzzing from it. I’ve
p r o b a b l y m u c k e d R o b ’s d a y u p
because I’ve had to get a rod back out
and he’s done photos for me, but I’m
going to be heading off to Cotton next
weekend and I’m already telling him
that he’s coming down there with me
whether he likes it or not, because he
definitely seems to be my lucky mascot.
So I’d like to thank Rob for coming
up, and like I said, it’s always a pleasure. We do it once a year and as I said
to Rob at the start of the tape, the
years just seem to be flying by now. I
don’t know where the time goes, but
like I said, it’s always nice to see him
when he comes up and spends a couple of hours with me.
I’ve just got a little thing to say to
the anglers that enjoy going out to
France – Gary at Poacher Baits would
like to mention that if all goes to plan,
a lake that he’s involved with will
complete in sale in early 2010. This is
a 32-acre venue in superb French settings, in the beautiful south west of
France with a village in close proximity. The venue will be the first of its
kind; it will have 12 luxury lodges situated around the lake, which will
house two anglers each. The lodges
consist of a mini kitchen, your very
own toilet and a shower, along with a
TV with a DVD player. Each lodge will
have two luxury bedchairs with
sleeping bags, eight custom built
rods, bank sticks and two Profile brollies should you wish to set up outside.
Each lodge will have the use of a
caddy cart for getting to the fully
licensed restaurant on site. They’re
doing a lot of work out there, the
Poacher boys, and it’s definitely going
to be worth having a look at. Hopefully just by giving it this little mention, a few of you can stay in tune and
hopefully it will develop from there.
So I’m going to pass you back to
Rob now because I’ve rambled on for
far too long, and I’m still on cloud
nine, so I’d just like to say thanks a lot
Rob – cheers, mate.
Rob: No, thank you mate, and what
about that, eh? I am a bloody lucky
mascot for everybody else except
myself it seems. The number of times
I’ve turned up and people have had
the fish that they’re after! I mean,
some of you might remember when
Terry Hearn and Lee Jackson were
doing that hunt for the Blue One. They
fished up there for three years and
they went a whole year without a bite
or something ridiculous like that, and
I just turned up there with my little
tape recorder swinging on my hand
one day, sat down for ten minutes and
Lee caught it there and then. There’s
obviously something in doing this
taping lark.
As John says he’s totally blown
away. I was there for the whole time
sitting there in my chair waiting for
my cup of tea, and away it went. You
know, once he saw the fish for the first
time he turned round and said to me,
“It’s the Dink, it’s the Dink,” and well,
I wouldn’t say he went to pieces, but
there was a lot of hand shaking going
on. So I just want to say well done to
John anyway, as he’s persevered for
three seasons on a lake like this,
which is hard going, all through the
roughest weather as well. He’s been a
very, very successful angler on here
despite having tough times this year,
and you know, there are not many
people who have caught as many fish
out of the Road Lake as he has over
these three seasons, certainly the
majority of the A-Team, including the
two biggest ones this season – what a
Anyway, that’s it for this month,
and for this year with John. Without a
doubt I’ll be meeting up with him
next year, probably down at Cotton
Farm by the sound of it. Who knows; I
might be going down that path with
my tape recorder and there’s the big
common in the net. I hope he catches
it, as he’s such a nice guy.
We’ll be seeing you. n


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