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All Things Riggy
ple version. Although not quite as
heavy, its much more supple, and as
with leadcore, I feel the extra suppleness is a bigger issue, and it’s still
heavy enough. The other bonus with
the new stuff is the choice of three
colours – green, brown and silt.
In really clear waters the use of fluorocarbon fished straight through certainly has merit. Obviously tangles
could be an issue depending on hooklink choice, but on clear gravel in ginclear waters a fluorocarbon fished
straight through or say a 20lb fluorocarbon leader with a fluorocarbon
hooklink has to be an almost invisible
trap. With just an inline lead the minimalist approach of end tackle has to
be an advantage. If wanting to use an
inline drop-off system without leadcore, the simplest way without trapping the fluorocarbon and possibly
damaging it is to use either one of the
new ESP Double Ring Swivels, or with
a normal rig swivel, tie your line to the
swivel eye that has the rig attached.
This way the other eye and barrel can
be pushed into the lead insert, and
the line passes around on the tail rubber – simple, and with no possible
chance of pinching and damaging the
I do use fluorocarbon mainlines for
the majority of my fishing these days,
with just long-range work requiring
mono. By using a fast sinking line, and
slackening off once cast, the line can
naturally follow the contours of the
lakebed. Leaving the line to settle for
ten minutes or so before attaching the
indicator will give the line a chance to
settle properly as long as you’ve paid
out enough slack. If however you
have cast to snags, islands or heavy
weedbeds where a more instant indication is necessary, it pays to add
some more weight to the rig end to
help pin it down as well as possible
and fish a tighter line to enhance early
Tungsten putty is good for additional weight to the end section of
line, and pieces as small or as big as
necessary can be added. The only
trouble is sometimes the putty won’t
grip the leadcore on the cast. Obviously this pins the end of the leadcore
down well, but not the end section of
line, which is the object of the procedure. An alternative I’ve started to use
are olivettes that matchmen use. I
was tipped off to these by a friend of
mine and top specimen hunter, Martin Bowler. By threading on two small
sections of silicone tubing that come
with the olivettes, I can attach the
olivette wherever I require on the line
(casting permitting.) Because the line
wraps round the outside of the
olivette, much like the Fantuzzi-style
on the lead, it can ping off should the
fish charge through weed and so not
be an obstacle that picks up an awkward lump of weed.
These olivettes (I use the Drennan
ones) come in a variety of weights up
to 4g so whatever size can be used
(Top left) Choice of little backleads.
(Below) What a cracker.


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