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All Thing Riggy
that suits. The 2g is not too big, but
offers a good weight to anchor that 3
or 4ft of line behind the leadcore. I
prefer these to flying backleads, as
these tend to fly too far back from the
lead, and I can guarantee the amount
of line I’ve got anchored down.
The last item of tackle is the humble backlead. Fishing heavily weeded
lakes, the backlead can be more of a
hazard than a help so unless fishing in
close or on a weed-free bottom, it’s an
item I use very little. However if I do
use one I like it to be able to pull apart
should it become snagged in weed, so
I either tie my own little leads onto a
ring with a light breaking strain line
or cotton that can break easily, or use
one of the Atomic Nutts that pull out
of the sleeve. When people talk about
presentation, the average anger
thinks of rigs, but to me it’s the whole
picture from the rod tip all the way to
the hookbait. If you can conceal the
whole setup then the carp’s guard
will come down so a spooky fish will
feed much more strongly and become
easier to catch. Attention to detail is
Margin-caught Chunky where
EVERYTHING was pinned down.
(Top right) Fluorocarbon mainlines
are a great advantage in getting
everything out of view.
(Right) Clover fell to thinner 25lb
the key, so if you can do something
that helps to pin it all down then do it!
This can only help to put more fish on
the bank, as it’s another piece in the
jigsaw. .n


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