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Summer Tactics and Edges
ue to the volume of
people who participate in our sport,
spring and summer
are extremely busy
times of the year to
be fishing. With the increased numbers of us on the bank, during the
week as well as the weekends, it can
be very frustrating when arriving at
the lake to find it overflowing with
anglers. I had this happen to me once.
I arrived, after a 60-mile drive, to find
the place banged out, and with only a
few swims left I chose one near the
car park. The idea was to drop two
baits in the edge so as not to bother
anyone, because it was better than
not fishing at all, and I really didn’t
fancy sitting on the M25, stuck in traffic for hours while trying to get home.
At the back end of the 2009 season,
I was fishing with Nick Helleur on the
Road Lake. We were talking about
fishing in general and I happened to
mention the lakes being so busy, and
how it pisses me off when I turn up to
find all the good swims gone. Nick
told me that he had the same thing
happen when he was fishing up at
’I couldn’t get in any of the main
s w i m s ,’ h e s a i d . ‘ I t w a s t o t a l l y
mobbed out with anglers, so in the
end I started turning up at midnight.
The drive up there was more relaxed,
being late at night. There was hardly
any traffic on the road, so I wasn’t getting stressed trying to battle my way
through, only to arrive and find all my
efforts had been in vain.’
Nick arrived at the lake, got out his
tea gear, made himself a cuppa and
went for a walk round the pond until
he found the fish, and believe me, he
caught some fish by turning up late!
My mind was racing and I began to
plan a trip, imagining how much easier my life would be if I didn’t have to
crawl round the M25 after working a
12-hour night shift, and being
reduced to sitting in miles of rush
hour traffic, fighting to stay awake. It’s
not exactly the best way to start a
session – knackered. I wasn’t bothered about going to the lake straight
from work, but if my life can be made
easier and my fishing improved, who
am I to stand in the way of progress?
As Nick was telling me about the
midnight assaults on the Oxford
waters, I had one place in mind
already, the Road Lake. Because it’s a
small and intimate water, it can be
very challenging, with the fish having
their guard up at all times. Like most
venues, the Road Lake fish have areas
they like to be in and the routes they
prefer to travel, so with this information logged from the previous season,
arriving at midnight would definitely
enable me to find them.
My first session was in the middle
of July. The lake had been fishing hard
since the new season started, and
with the lack of weed and the fish
unable to spawn, it certainly didn’t
look favourable for a bite. I made the
decision to arrive during the morning,
instead of doing the midnight run,
because what with the lake not holding much weed, and the fishing poor,
I needed to have a good walk round,
and hoped no one would be there.
This would be the perfect opportunity
to mark up a few swims. I was more
interested in finding where the majority of the weed was growing, and how
strong it was. I couldn’t believe the
whispers going around that there was
(Top) The Dock, one of my favourite
swims (Tip Lake). It did have a little
bit of weed in it!
(Left) Scar, from the Tip Lake, an
absolutely awesome venue.


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