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Summer Tactics and Edges
Cemex Road Lake – view from the
hump swim.
no weed at all; I found that hard to
believe, and needed to look for myself.
After a ridiculous journey round the
M25, I finally pulled in to the car park
and there wasn’t a car in sight. It was
amazing! July – and the lake was
deserted. With my bottle in one hand,
and my marker rod in the other, I was
off on my way to the Dog Leg swim.
This swim has done all the big’uns,
and should not be overlooked, so having secured the swim with the water
bottle, I could have a good walk round
and use the marker rod.
At first, it did look rather weed-free
compared to previous seasons, but I
carried on walking to the Bar swim,
which normally holds a large amount
of weed and is situated in the narrowest part of the lake. There was plenty
of weed out in front of the bars,
stretching all the way across the lake,
and stopping in front of The Secret
swim, and Number 5. I was checking
the swims out for when I started
arriving at midnight; I just didn’t
fancy the Bars. Line lay was a major
problem in this swim, and with Clover
getting caught quite a bit from this
area, that definitely put me off.
I decided on a walk round to The
Secret swim, as time was on my side
for once and there were no other
anglers about. The Secret has pro-
duced some of the big girls, but I have
never been drawn to fish it. Maybe,
because there are swims on either
side, and the feeling of being hemmed
in puts me off, I’m not sure. When I
walked in the swim this time, though,
I had a completely different feel for it.
The weedbed in front of the swim
was much larger than I first expected,
and the whole area was very carpy
looking. The margin on the right I
knew had produced fish in the past,
and good ones at that. The left-hand
side did look more carpy, with its
snaggy, tree-lined margin, but I was
more drawn to the weedbed in front.
I flicked the marker about 12yds
straight out, towards the corner of the
weed, and it landed with a soft kiss to
the silty bottom. The right-hand rod
was under-armed to a V-shaped cut in
the weed, and landed with a thump.
More than happy with the two spots,
I went back to the car for my bait, and
scattered 20 on each of the spots. I
was looking forward to doing a bit in
this swim. That weedbed made the
difference and gave the whole area
complete cover, allowing the fish to
move about more freely.
I had a look in Number 5. It was
bang-on with all the weed, but again
the line lay was a major problem, just
like the Bars, and to be honest, I was
happy with what I found in The
Secret. This end of the lake was a bit
on the small side and I didn’t want
spots all over the place, which could
draw the attention of other anglers.
I made my way round to The Hump
and The Dog Leg to have a quick look.
This end of the lake is where the carp
spend a lot of their time during the
day. They can be seen moving in and
out of the snags, to the right of The
Hump, and sunbathing in the
weedbeds. The sun made an appearance, which was well handy, because
it makes spotting the weed that bit
easier and gave me a rough idea of
where I needed to be looking with the
marker rod. The right-hand side of the
swim suddenly lit up again, as the sun
broke through the clouds and pushed
across the surface, exposing four
weedbeds, which were positioned
like the number four on a dice. The
marker was deployed into the middle
of the dice-shaped weedbed, which
turned out to be very choddy. As I
gave a gentle pull on the rod, I could
feel it snagging on the weed and as I
held it up with a slight bend in the tip,
I could feel the marker break free and
drop on to a firm piece of ground. I fed
the marker up through the water and
felt the float come to rest, very tightly
against the first weedbed on the left.
The right-hand rod was sorted, but
I always find the second rod to be
incredibly hard to position correctly.
Finding an area that I was confident
in was a problem; the line lay was the
main issue on this side of the swim.
Using the tree line to the right, I made
a light, underarm flick, stopping the
braid with my finger, and with a gentle slap on the surface from the
marker, I felt the lead down, on to a
soft bottom. Easing it back, I had
about a foot of movement, and then it
suddenly locked up, against some
weed. I made two more casts, left and
right of this spot, and came to the
conclusion that I had a wall of weed,
which I was sure, ran from The Dog
Leg on my left, and finished to the
right of the swim I was in – The
I couldn’t fish in front of the wall of
weed, because there was no cover
from the bank; it had to be fished on
the spot I’d found. In the near future I
would need to make a channel in the
wall so I could present a bait better.
When the time came for me to fish
this swim, I had one pukka spot, and
the other area would need some work
done to it. I took the short walk next


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