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Summer Tactics and Edges
door to The Dog Leg, where I had left
my water bottle earlier, sat on the
raised bank at the side of the swim,
and stared at the area from where I
had caught, hoping to see a fish stick
its head out or fizz up. This swim is
without doubt the one that produces
the majority of the takes, and
responds better because of the abundance of weed in it.
Throughout the summer, the fish
love to feed in this area, and having a
brace of early morning whackers is
not uncommon; the possibility of a
take any time of the day makes it a
truly awesome swim. Again, getting
the line on the deck is very important.
I believe this is why so many people
have failed in this part of the pond.
They can’t be bothered to put in that
extra bit of effort, and take their time
to make sure everything is a 100%
perfect. I cast the marker to the area
where I’d been fortunate to catch a
few, and was met with a firm thump,
as I felt the lead down. Pulling the
lead, I could feel it pinging through
the weed and I would have liked to
make a few more casts, but they
would be well spread out over the
swim. This would enable me to see
how much of the area was covered in
weed, which is what I wanted for this
swim, fresh Canadian. Like I said earlier, this swim fishes so much better
when there is a strong weed growth;
the fish feel more confident, and move
around unstressed, and the chance of
a bite is more forthcoming.
Now that I have seen the lake for
myself, I don’t think it looks that bad.
Yes, there is a lack of weed in certain
parts of the pond, but there are also
areas that are thriving with Canadian.
Looking in the margins, the water is
clear and I can see fresh, green beds
of Canadian pushing its way through.
It is patchy but when the sun finds
some strength in its rays, Mother
Nature will do the rest.
Now that I have found three swims
that I’m happy to fish this summer, I
will keep introducing very small
amounts of bait in these areas. I made
a decision to do my first night in The
Hump because I could see all of the
lake from this swim. In addition, I
wanted to put a bit of bait in The Dog
Leg before dark. I walked back to the
car with all my plans in place and I
was really looking forward to summer
on the Road this year.
Soon, I was all set up. I scattered 20
baits around each rod, went next door
to The Dog Leg, and put around 50
baits in, singly and with a match catapult. I’m really fussy about putting
my bait out. I like it scattered, so if fish
want it, they have to keep moving and
looking for more to eat. This makes
the fish drop its guard, as it tears up
the bottom trying to search out more
food. With The Dog Leg baited, it was
time for a cuppa and a smoke, I still
couldn’t believe that I had the pond to
myself; I’m not complaining, it was
lovely and peaceful.
Just as I sat down, ripples started to
emerge from the right-hand side of
The Hump. I knew they were in there;
they were in the snags, but with it
being so quiet, I was starting to have
my doubts. Crash! One came out the
water. I walked up to the corner of the
path, and could see clearly where it
had left the water. As I was standing
there, another one pushed itself out,
(Top) It wasn't easy on the Road Lake,
you had to do a bit of work.
(Left) Doctor Death’s fish.


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