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Summer Tactics and Edges
One day! Nigel with the Dink.
over, so I made sure they landed
smack on the money. I didn’t want
these two areas getting any bigger, if
I could help it. They were small spots
and engulfed in weed, which made
them less conspicuous and more
likely to produce a bite. With only
Secret Dan left, I had a quick chat and
said that I would see him the following week. I was disappointed but I
had to leave, for two reasons - the
Road Lake has a 48-hour rule and I
had to go to work, but with only a
block of four to do at work, I would be
back in no time at all.
Sure enough, the time passed
quickly and I was buzzing to get fishing. I left work at 8am. My rucksack
and rods were all ready, but I left them
indoors until it was time to go. I
loaded the car with the majority of the
other bits, except the food bag, and
slipped off to bed for a few hours. I
woke at 5pm, took a shower, had my
dinner, watched the TV, and left for
the lake – very civilized! Driving
round the M25 at that time of night is
I pulled into the Road Lake, locked
the gates behind me, and drove
slowly along the gravel track, with
just the sidelights on. Arriving in the
car park, I noticed five cars parked up.
I was gutted. I decided to have a walk
round to see where everyone was
fishing. Slippery John was in The Dog
Leg, another guy was in The Hump,
Secret Dan was in The Launch, there
was a body in The Bars, and The Pentagon was taken.
As I walked into The Secret swim, I
could see the weed moving, and then
two fish came out simultaneously. I
wanted to fish, but there were two
people down at this end already, and
I’m sure the fish would have done the
off with six lines in the water. Strolling
back to the car, I decided to come
back later; there was a good chance
that most of the lads could be going
home. So instead, I went to a lake in
Surrey, and fished. Unfortunately, I
can’t write about the place, but I did
Arriving late at night can give you a
massive edge and there have been
times when I’ve got out of the car to
be greeted by the sound of fish crashing out. It’s not that easy all the time,
though. You will need to make that
extra effort and walk the walk until
you find them. Many people won’t
take this approach because they lack
the confidence to fish without the use
of a marker rod. That’s why the chod
rig is so effective in this situation. It
allows you to move onto showing fish
and in one cast, be fishing regardless
of what’s on the lakebed.
Some will argue that arriving at first
light is just as good, which can be
true, when you’re fishing a lake that
isn’t pressured. Most of the lakes
nowadays are very busy, and the
a n g l e r s a r e u p a n d a b o u t e a r l y,
watching the water and prepared to
move onto showing fish at the drop of
a hat. I believe that first light can be
one of the busiest parts of the day on
some waters, when, in truth, it needs
to be quiet with reduced activity on
the bank, as this can be a prime feeding time.
When I was arriving at the Road


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