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In Search Of Monster Carp
Some of my hundreds of Stanborough carp from the early eighties.
is the thing we were trying to do with
the baits – to give the carp that feel
good factor when they ate them, so
vitamins were an important part of
the make-up of the bait. We would
use milk type vitamin derivatives in
the form of Equivite milk pellets,
which were vitamin pellets for horses
basically, but fish loved them. You
could also purchase ingredients such
as Vitamilo, and normal vitamin supplements that you could purchase
from the health food shops. Bear in
mind we’re talking about 1981 here, or
probably 1980 when I first came out
with this bait, so even by today’s
standards it’s pretty high tech.
Other ingredients that I found I did-
n’t tell anyone about until around
about 1985 when I wrote my first
book, Tiger Bay. Up until that point I
hadn’t told anybody any of the baits
that I was using, but there’s quite a
comprehensive bait section in Tiger
Bay if you’ve ever read it. Even today
people tell me that it was their reference, and it still is a good reference
today for what ingredients are all
about. But a couple of things that I
found, I’d never heard or seen anybody use, at least not for years and
years after. One of them was greenlipped mussel, which was a powder
that had been compressed into a
l o z e n g e s h a p e. T h e y w e r e v e r y
expensive, but you could get them in
the health food shop in big brown
bottles for about £10 a bottle, and I
would crush these down and put
them into the bait. No one, not even
Rod Hutchinson, John Baker or Geoff
Kemp or any of those who were the
bait gurus of the time had never heard
of anyone using it. Seaweed was
another ingredient that I found – kelp
– and no one had used it up to that
point. Then there was corn steep
liquor, another ingredient that I introduced into my bait. I did find some
guys down in Essex who were using
it, and I hadn’t told them about it, so
they’d come up with it themselves. So
as you can see, the bait that I was
using was already building into a bait,


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