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In Search Of Monster Carp
you to put them on cocktail sticks so
there’s a hole already in there, and
then microwave them. In my later
writings, I realised the importance of
overnight buoyancy, making them
with cork balls, drying them down,
and introducing lots of goodness into
them, sense appeals etc. Yes I’ve written about that, but I have never ever
told anybody how I made my little
pop-ups, which were nicknamed The
Legends. The guys who fished with
me at the time – Steve Alcott, Dave
Wibley, Martin Locke, and others
hammered me and hammered me for
information about the bait and how I
had made it, because everywhere we
went it caught 20 times as much as
anybody else. I started using it up on
Waveney and Arlesey, and took it to
the Mid-Northants carp fishery, Duncan Kaye’s water, and caught the
biggest fish in there.
It would catch the biggest ones
straight away, and it was instant at
Savay. I had a bite the first day I was
down there, the first day on day ticket
at Savay. Imagine getting a bite and
the syndicate people just looking at
you and thinking, who the hell is that
Noddy who’s just had a bite straight
away? And so it went on; the list of
waters is endless – the Waltonians,
Fox Pool, Harefield. It was an extraordinary catcher at Harefield. I’m sure
some of you have seen the Harefield
Haulin’ videos – those little orange
baits that I fished… I never put them
out as free offerings for some reason,
well they may have worked, and I
think I did try sometimes, but I just
didn’t need to. It didn’t matter what
the free offerings were; you could just
pile a load of hemp or a load of any
sort of boilies you liked in as free offerings, but the first bait that would be
eaten as the fish came into the swim
were those little orange ones that I
made, those Legends. We went to
Withy Pool for the day, and it was a
hard water at that time, when Kevin
Maddocks had it, and I caught a fish
on the first day on them, which would
leave people shaking their heads.
People offered me £5, and I’m talking
about in the 80’s, £5 a boilie, not a
word of lie.
When I was fishing with them
down at Stanborough, people would
c o m e a l o n g a n d s a y, “ S e l l m e a
boilie… I’ll give you a fiver for one
pop-up.” I probably could have made
a fortune out of them, but I never
actually got round to marketing them.
It’s the process of making the popups that’s the key to it all, which is
again something that no one has ever
written about. Even to this day no one
does it, and I haven’t told anybody,
and I’m sorry, but I’m not telling you
here either. Maybe I’ll write it in my
will so it’s read at my will reading, and
ask it to be announced after my
death, but that’s one little edge that I
will be taking to the grave with me, or
(Top left) Setting up along the reeds
at the mouth of Monster Bay, Arlesey
(Top right) The tackle of the day –
Sportex 11ft 2¼ tc and ABU cardinals.
(Left) The Sub, one of Arlesey’s finest.


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