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In Search Of Monster Carp
at least until I think it’s… Well, I don’t
know; I’m trying to think of a reason
why I would actually tell people, but
it’s just not fair to the fish. Imagine if
everybody was using them, and if
everybody were catching 20 times as
much as they do now, the poor fish
wouldn’t have any mouths left, so no,
I’m not telling anyone, and that’s the
end of that. It certainly accounted for
much of my success right up until I
fished Yateley though.
Yateley was a weird one; I’ve got to
say. It was actually the Copse Lake I
fished first of all; I only did a couple of
weekends up there and caught Crinkle Tail using the pop-ups, so they
worked, but when I went up onto the
North Lake after Basil, I never had a
bite. In the early years I only fished up
there a couple of weekends a year, so
I thought, well, knowing the class of
angler that has been down here,
they’ve probably blown, and they’re
probably not going to be effective. So
I started searching around for alternatives, and also at that time, I was
being offered unlimited bait free of
charge from anybody who wanted to
give it to me. I had the magazine, and
I was a consultant for Nash and Mainline in those early days, and you
know, the thought of rolling bait really
didn’t appeal to me any more, even
though I had to roll the pop-ups.
I gave it a fair shot up there; I probably fished maybe ten weekends up
on the North Lake, and because I did-
fish oils. The Premier lot had been
fishing it – Jock White etc. So I totally
changed my ideas on bait for that particular venue and went on the fishmeal and Robin Red trail as well, and
I caught the fish. I caught Bazil on a
Robin Red fishmeal type bait, and had
another fish out of there and lost one.
I ended up catching all the Pad Lake
fish on it and the majority of the Car
Park Lake fish on it, but whether I’d
have caught them quicker if I’d have
stuck with the Legend, I don’t know. I
thought I’d made the right decision at
the time, and you can’t go back in
time so you know, what’s done is
Anyway, getting back up to that
first session on E Lake – it was cer-
n’t catch on these baits, these Legends, I changed. If I’d carried on using
them would I have caught? I’ll never
know. They were tiny, bright orange
pop-ups, and thinking about the fish
that have been caught out of there
over the years, dark baits certainly
seem to have caught the fish most
times – a dark red or a brown fishmeal
type bait. That’s what Bazil and
Heather and all of them have come
out on; I don’t remember seeing anybody catch anything on a bright yellow or bright red or orange pop-up.
Maybe they would have worked but I
lost my confidence in them. I thought
I had finally met my match when I got
to the North Lake… I’d seen the fish
caught a few times, and it was always
caught on fishmeals glugged up in
tainly the first lake where spot-on
positioning of the hookbait was so
important. We had a quick plumb
around; it was a very silty bottom, but
under the overhanging trees and
bushes was yellow gravel, and this
was obviously where the fish did
most of their feeding, and where they
were fed most of the time. Most people fished and fed their bait under the
margins so you know, where else
would they be? I think certainly the
fish came out at night, and fish were
caught from the middle of D Lake during the hours of darkness, but during
(Top) Arlesey mid-20, 1982.
(Above) Winter, fully scaled low-20.
(Left) Hole in the Dorsal, also caught
along the reeds.


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