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In Search Of Monster Carp
the day, they were in the margins. It
was fairly shallow and there were
people walking up and down all day;
it was like a holiday camp basically.
I’m not sure what it’s like now, but at
the time it was a holiday venue and
people were up and down all the time.
The fish knew they were being
hunted and tucked themselves right
under the bushes, and it might take
you six or a dozen casts before you
got your lead right under there.
We were there for the weekend;
we’d got down there probably Friday
afternoon and set up and just
chucked them out anywhere on the
Friday night and cooked up a little
dinner. Thinking back, I think we
went to the pub that first night and
left the rods on the lake. If you walk
down by the side of G Lake there was
a pub at the end… was it called The
Bell? I can’t really remember, but I
think we had a few beers in there, and
then Saturday morning came, and I
don’t think anything had been caught
– maybe one fish had been lost on D
Lake. I had a chat with Al Taylor, and
he was making every effort to get
underneath the bushes from his swim
on D Lake, and we decided that’s
what we had to do – we’d got to get it
under there.
So I cast one of these little orange
baits, and first cast it went right under
there. I mean the trajectory of the cast
meant that the lead just carried on
going, smack right under the overhang, and you know, it was perfectly
positioned. We were clipping up tight
at the time; we weren’t sponging or
anything like some of the others with
(Top left) My range of ‘Pursuit’ rods
from Leslies of Luton.
(Above) Set up on C Lake in the
(Bottom left) Dave Moore under the
bush looking for my carp!
(Bottom right) The awesome D Lake.
this high density foam, but we had
line clips on and little bobbins on needles. Saturday afternoon, in brilliant
sunshine, it roared off and it was a
25lb-odd mirror, which was a good
fish for the day, and I was certainly
well pleased with it. There’s a picture
of it here. That was basically it for that
weekend, and we packed up on the
Sunday morning, went home, and
vowed that we’d go back next year,
which was a strange thing to do
really. We never thought of going up
there every weekend or anything –
that was our holiday weekend that


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