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In Search Of Monster Carp
that’s the way things were. But in the
80’s, I went the opposite way and
really helped as many people as I
could to catch a fish. I was as pleased
to see other people catch them as me;
it reinforced what I was doing to see
people being successful. I was pioneering things and it’s very difficult
being a pioneer and only having yourself to judge the catches on, but it’s
better if you tell people about what
you are trying out and you get a few
more people involved. I would come
up with baits, flavours and rigs, and
I’d end up telling half a dozen close
friends who would go off and try them
out. Some of them were instantly suc-
cessful and that helped me to go
down the right paths for the next
thing. Some of them never caught
anything, and it would have taken me
a long time to realise that I was going
the wrong way if it wasn’t for the fact
that six or ten or twenty of us had
tried it. If it didn’t work, it meant that
I didn’t have to keep on, you know, so
it only a short lifespan and it was
gone, and I was onto the next thing.
It doesn’t happen these days, but
honestly, when I was a draftsman, I
would sit most of the day some days
just drawing hooks and thinking
about rigs and how I could develop
(Top left) Carp Cellar log book page
1983 – the capture of the Leather from
Waveney D Lake, swim 3.
(Above) An incredible shot of one of
the great history fish.
(Bottom) Carp Cellar log book pages
describing the captures of The Sub
and Hole in the Dorsal.
things. I was being paid to design
Vauxhall cars, but I was spending all
my time trying to design rigs and
baits. We came up with some fantastic ideas; in fact we came up with
what is now at the forefront of carp
fishing today, the chod rig. It’s nothing new; it’s just basically a hook with
an extended shank. All the anti-eject
properties of the top rigs of today
were rigs that we thought of then
basically; we’ve just refined them
slightly in more recent years.
So as I say, I became a much more
of an angler who wanted to see other
people catch and to help them do
that. I took lots of people fishing with
me, many of whom had never even
been carp fishing before, and I got
them into it. Many are still into it to
this day, and some of them are good
anglers too. I’m not a secretive angler
at all now, well, I’m not going to tell
you about the pop-ups, but that’s just
one thing out of a thousand things
that I have let people know about
over the years, things that I have
dreamt up.
So Arlesey was the place where I
was concentrating on fishing in the


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