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In Search Of Monster Carp
after the fish, and very few of them
went back damaged in any way; in
fact I can’t remember ever putting a
fish back damaged. It was very
snaggy under the bush that I was
fishing in, and a guy fishing further
round offered to swim in one day see
if he could free this fish that had got
caught up in there, and that turned
out to be Dave Moore. So yeah, way
back then in the early 80’s was my
first meeting ever with Steve Alcott
and Dave Moore. Anyway, after catching a few fish out of C Lake during
those first few days, sure enough the
guys in swims 2 and 3 on D Lake
packed up.
The first year that I fished Waveney
on E Lake, I had my 11ft 2¼lb test
curve Sportex carp rods and struggled
like hell to reach the Back, but on this
trip, I had come well prepared. A new
tackle shop called Leslie’s had moved
into Luton, which had started off in St
Albans. They had a tiny shop underneath the flyover on Park Street, on
the opposite side of the road to where
they are now. I think it’s a kebab shop
or a taxi place or something now; I’m
not sure, but that’s where they first
set up. As I was quite a well-known
carp angler in the area, the father of
the family, Leslie Crawley, a lovely old
fella with two sons, Kevin and Ian,
asked me if I would be interested in
field testing some rods with a view to
doing some Rob Maylin rods in their
(Top) This place was spring fed and
never froze in the winter. I only fished
it once.
(Centre) Mid-20 linear from Arlesey.
(Below) That’s what we slept on. No
wonder I have a bad back these days.
shop. Of course I was, and the first
rods that I tried out were some 12ft
2½lb test curve rods, which later
became known as the Intermediate
Pursuit from the Pursuit range of rods.
The long-range rod was called the
Extreme Pursuit, the medium-range
rod was called the Intermediate Pursuit, and the rod for fishing close in
and anything up to around 80yds with
accurate casting was called the Precise Pursuit, and Pursuit became my
trade name.
You’ve probably noticed that Kevin
Nash now uses the name Pursuit for
his luggage and rods etc, and quite
how that happened I’m not too sure. I
was a consultant for Kevin Nash for
about three years in the early 90’s
when I was fishing Harefield, and
Kevin did ask me to come up with
some designs for rucksacks and luggage as I was a draftsman. I could do
quite intricate drawings and decided
to use my Pursuit trademark for the
rucksacks and everything, and I submitted the drawings. He didn’t take
up the design or anything though


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