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New GABY Species
FOUR new fish species have been added to the range!
The Amberjack.
FOUR new fish pillow species have
been added to the GABY range:
The lady of the stream – in a pillow!
The barracuda has a fearsome
appearance and is known for its ferocious behaviour. The Barracuda is
available in a Giant size of 110cm
The dusky grouper inhabits rocky
reefs in the Mediterranean Sea, eastern and southwestern Atlantic and
The Barracuda.
The Dusky Grouper.
western Indian Ocean. It is a large
fish with a big head, wide mouth and
jutting lower jaw give the dusky
grouper a slightly prehistoric look,
and the distinctive fungus-like
blotches on its skin add to its strange
The Graying.
The amberjack is a game fish, most
often found in the warmer parts of the
Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The
Amberjack pillow is available in giant
size of 100cm. Add these unique
items to your product range and
increase your sales. GABY UK is distributed by Bait-Tech Ltd. Please contact your Bait-Tech distributor/rep.
FB: www.facebook.com/UKGaby
GP Batteries Launches New Headlamp Range
Get hands-free in the outdoors with professional-grade lamps that
won’t break the bank!
World leading manufacturer of primary and rechargeable batteries, GP
Batteries, is pleased to introduce for
the first time its new range of headlamps for the professional outdoor
user. The GP XPLOR Prosumer headlamp range offers a range of headlamps that deliver performance, quality and style at a great price point for
those who demand more without
paying over the odds. Models in the
range meet the practical needs of
daily activities as well as greater
technical performance for more
demanding tasks.
There are three models, which offer
different beam ranges; the primary
battery powered PH14 200lm (SRP
£17.899), and PH15 300lm (SRP
£24.99), and rechargeable PHR15
300lm (SDRP £34.99). The lamps
deliver the highest performance in a
user friendly way and are ideal for a
multitude of activities when you need
to be hands free in low light conditions including; camping, walking,
mountaineering, fishing, hunting and
professional outdoor use.
Key features of the range include:
• Reflective head strap for added visibility in low light conditions
• Motion sensor brightness mode
• Distance sensor with auto dimming
• Safety lock
• A regulated output
• Up to 160m beam length
• Up to 69 hours’ run time
• IPX6 Water Resistance
Ideal for camping, night time activities, walking and night time runs as
well as daily activities and chores, the
PH14 200lm is powered by primary or
rechargeable batteries (Alkaline/
NiMH AAA x3) and features red night
vision, spot and flood beams, three
brightness modes and a flashing
Offering a greater beam distance,
the PH15 300lm is also powered by
primary or rechargeable batteries
(alkaline/NiMH AAA x3). The main
beam, with motion-activated sensor,
has three brightness modes, spot and
flood beams and a flashing mode. It is
ideal for running, cycling and general
outdoor recreation.
Perfect for mountain climbing, rock
climbing, skiing and running, the
rechargeable PHR15 300lm comes
with GP’s ReCyko+ rechargeable batteries, which can be recharged via a
micro USB port built in to the headtorch. It also features spot and flood
beams, over charge and discharge
protection, charging and power indicator light, three brightness modes, a
flashing mode and is water resistant
to IPX6 standard.
To see the full GP Batteries range
visit http://uk.gpbatteries.com/ n


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