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In Search Of Monster Carp
BCSG was, and still is, the upper echelon of carp fishing, and it’s highly
respected; it’s like the royal family of
carp fishing. Some people didn’t like
the way he ran it, and I’m not mentioning any names, but they were the
ones who were turned down by the
BCSG, and they got a bee in their bonnet over it. So they decided to start
their own club and sod Peter Mohan,
and it was awful what they did to him
really. I mean the guy had done great,
great things for carp fishing; he had
brought carp fishing to the masses,
and he lost a lot of publicity over it.
Carp fishing can be very cruel to people sometimes.
Geoff Kemp was another. You see I
bought my bait from Geoff for about
ten years. He supplied fantastic bait,
and then I remember something was
written some years later about how
the casein had been cut with another
less expensive powder – I think it was
whey powder or something. He more
of less lost his business over it, and he
might have lost his house over it or
something – it was absolutely ridiculous. I mean I called him up and said,
“Geoff, if you’re cutting the bait, carry
on cutting mine for Christ’s sake,
because I’m catching fish hand over
fist, so don’t go changing it!” He said
to me, “Of course I’m not cutting it,
Rob. Nothing’s going on with it; it’s
just a lot of jealous people who want
a slice of the pie. They’ve got interests
in bait companies, or they want to
start their own bait companies. They
(Top) Winter setup, 1983.
(Right) Rare action indeed in
January. During the winter, on this
very deep lake, bites were few and far
can see that I’ve got it monopolised at
the moment, so they’re sticking the
knife in.”
Sometime people can be so hurtful,
and I’m sure they don’t really think.
Well, maybe they do think, but they
just don’t care, basically. I could fill
the pages of this piece with things
have been said about me in the past,
and I hope I haven’t been a horrible
person to anybody. I certainly have
tried all my life to be nice to people, to
help people, and that’s how I want to
be remembered – as the guy who had
time for anybody. Anybody who gets
the slightest bit of fame seems to put
themselves up on top of a box ready
to be knocked off, and of course that’s
what happened with Peter and with
Geoff Kemp, bless him. I bumped into
him in 2009 down at Yateley Angling.
I hadn’t seen him for 25 years probably, and he’s lost most of his hair. He
used to have this thick yellow blonde
bob, and I’ve actually stuck a picture
of him in here so you can see. He was
a very good angler, Geoff, and he
knew his baits. Apparently he’s into
koi carp now and one of the country’s
leading authorities on them, so good
for him. He’s a nice fella and deserves
it, and all those things should never
have been said.
Anyway, I digress again… On the
front of the first Carp Society magazine was this long fish, very leathery,
with Mike Wilson in a very different
pose in the way that he’s holding it. In
next piece, I’ll have a picture of me in
the same pose, the Mike Wilson pose
as it’s known. We actually put one
hand under the chin, and the other
arm across the body of the fish and
underneath, so you actually had an
arm either side of the fish. It’s a very
secure way of holding the fish, but
most people don’t like it because
you’ve got your arm going across the
front of the fish, three quarters of the
way down the body, but that’s what’s
known as ‘the Mike Wilson’.
Mike had written an article called
‘The Baiting Pyramid’ where he was
baiting a big lake. He was baiting up
the entrance to a little bay with maize,
and he noticed that the more bait he
put in, and the more often he put the
bait in, that slowly the big fish pushed
the smaller fish out. He likened it to a
waterhole where the antelopes and
the smaller animals are drinking, making use of the natural resource that’s
there, but suddenly the elephants turn
up and their sheer size pushes these
smaller animals out of the way. That’s
what he noticed with the carp in his
swim, why it’s now known as Wilson’s Island – Wilson’s Swim on
Savay, at the entrance to the North
Bay. This is the same North Bay,
which became Tiger Bay with
Maylin’s Pads in it some years later.
How bizarre all this is, this jigsaw of
carp fishing that we put together over
the years. I would never have dreamt,
after purchasing issue 1 of the Carp
Society magazine, Carp Fisher, and
seeing that fish, that I too one day
would be on the front of the same
magazine with a Savay carp, and
actually have a swim named after me
in that same bay as Mike Wilson did.
But that, as they say, is another story.
So I’ll see you next month. n


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