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Summer Tactics and Edges
with glasses on and actually taking
the time to look into the lake rather
than at it, you will always be building
yourself a bigger picture and adding
more information, which when stored
in the memory bank will one day pay
On my local syndicate the makeup of the
summer anglers is very
diverse. There is one
who will only fish a
swim he has baited over
the course of the previous week, and therefore
essentially knows
where he is to fish his
weekend before leaving
home. Regardless of
where the fish are on
the day of his arrival, he
feels that this baiting
will guarantee their
attendance at some
point over the weekend,
and therefore his success. There is another
who will have a very
quick look around
before settling into one
of the comfortable swims and remain
cemented into that swim until his
departure. I’ve often called him and
asked if he’s seen anything showing
on the lake to which he’s replied that
he’s not bothered to look at the lake,
let alone have a walk round. I feel
these anglers miss out on many
things, and in the second instance
that angler cannot recognise any of
the lake’s distinctive inhabitants in
the water because he’s never seen
them in the actual pond! This is very
restrictive too in that I am now at the
stage of attempting to target specific
fish, and more lessons can be learnt
by actually becoming more and more
familiar with their movements and
habits whilst in their natural environment.
I can remember reading that every
time you see a fish in its home you
will learn something more and different about it. This paid off for me last
summer in being able to watch actual
margin feeding, and not only where
these fish fed but also how each specific one fed. Some would pile straight
in, like a shark’s feeding frenzy, yet
some of the bigger ones and more
elusive ones would deliberately hold
(Top) Shellfish B5, a very high quality
food bait combined with a natural
‘crunch’ factor.
(Below) Opening day fish from a difficult venue.


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