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Summer Tactics and Edges
back, only to come in right at the end
and pick a couple of baits up before
departing. From watching this I learnt
the tactic of fishing a hookbait a couple of feet outside of the baited patch,
which has definitely bought me some
bigger results. Therefore in summary
the most important aspect to my
summer fishing is observation, both
looking at the lake to give you assistance in locating feeding fish, but also
looking into the lake itself and at its
Once fish are located the summer is
the time the all-round angler has a big
advantage. Zig rig fishing, floater fishing, pop-ups, bottom baits, alternative
baits and boilie fishing will all achieve
results. However if we call summer
from June onwards there can be
many different scenarios to this.
Some waters have no traditional
closed season and have therefore
been open throughout, meaning they
have been subject to angler pressure
since the fish’s initial wakeup after
winter. In my last piece on spring tactics I wrote about how April and May
can be the real bonanza months for
big hits of big fish, and come June
these open waters may well have had
a fair battering. However on waters
that enforce the close season months
of April and May, the month of June
can be your greatest chance of results
throughout the whole year.
I recall a few years ago having an
exceptional first few trips to a water
that opened on the 1st of June, and
having about seven fish that month,
another couple in July, and then nothing thereafter! In all fairness this was
probably the most demanding water
that I’ve fished, but to get off to such
a fast start certainly gives you that
self-belief and confidence, which filters down throughout every aspect of
(Above) By midsummer the boat was
required to get them out.
(Bottom) One rod in the edge.
your fishing. Many of these waters
that open in June can have a mad
couple of weeks. The secret is to be
able to take advantage of it! On
waters that have a draw system for
the start this can be simply a case of
having the luck to come out of the hat
early, but on others watercraft and
bait application can be the requirements for success.
Let’s look at bait. In spring, bait
establishment can be a massive deal.
If you have been regularly introducing
bait throughout the spring months
and indeed before that, have been
watching the fish eat it, and have
been catching, you are certainly well
on the way to a significant leg-up
over the others fishing. If your lake is
open year round then by June you
should have your bait well established. This is of huge impact as come
June we are all competing against the
fullest natural food larders that there
are at any time of year. This is when a
good food source bait will outscore all
others. I use Essential B5, and I
believe it is one of the few baits that
can compete side-by-side with the
abundant natural food count present
throughout the midsummer months.
If your bait is not as nutritional it simply cannot match the carp’s natural
food, and that is why some baits seem
to lose their effectiveness over a


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