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Summer Tactics and Edges
period of time. I have not changed my
bait for the past three seasons, and
my B5 with its consistent flavour levels gives me 100 % confidence wherever I go.
It is also an instant bait, so if I am
fishing waters that I do not have time
to bait up or fully establish it on, I can
simply focus my mind on to location
and rigs rather than
worry about my bait and
its effectiveness. By
June the vast weedbeds
that carpet my venues
are havens for huge natural food pockets that
we as anglers are competing against. I really
don’t think there are any
shortcuts to success
when it comes to bait
choice during the summer months. The only
thing I will say is that if
you’re using a high quality food bait you can get
away with using far less
of it compared to a
cheaper bait with low
food values. I’ve seen numerous
anglers turning up at lakes putting in
bucketfuls of boilies because they
only pay a fiver a kilo, but much of it
is wasted because it doesn’t compete
side-by-side with their natural food. I
would much rather use half the
amount of a good quality food bait,
and I’ve proved this has worked suc-
cessfully time and time again.
One of my confidences lies in big
baiting tactics at the right time, and
again a recent study of my own tactics has shown a decline in the
amount of bait I’m using come July.
Prior to that I would often introduce
up to 6kg from the start of a trip,
should the fishing situation justify it,
and going back to the feeding frenzy
style I have witnessed on occasions I
am sure this mass baiting can have a
really big impact. I have had almost
instant results doing this, and can
remember piling in about 7kg on one
spot last summer only to have a take
and land an upper-30 within half an
hour. Its effectiveness lies in the
greed factor, and I honestly believe
that when a fish sees a big pile of bait
it feeds with others with increased
confidence. However that said come
midsummer this tactic often seems to
have had its day. The abundance of
(Top left) Watching and walking can
give stalking chances.
(Below) Summer upper-30 from the


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