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1. Check out our 400g bags of shelf life baits, ideal for day
sessions, and with resealable tops, simply seal for your next
session – a great way of trying several of our baits.
Available in 15mm and 20mm.
2. Our Corkie Wafters are proving
to be a huge favourite for many
anglers, manufactured using the
matching base mix with elevated
levels of attraction.
To enhance even further, give a
regular blast with one our bait
soak sprays to ooze attraction.
Simply spray once every few days
followed by a good shake and
leave to soak. Repeat the process
as many times as you like.
3. Total Hemp requires no
introduction; it is a product that
has been used to great success in
carp fishing for years. Produced
from finest quality pressed
hempseed, a method that ensures
none of the fatty acids are
destroyed, it boasts impressive
levels of Omega 3,6 and 9 EFAs
and is naturally rich in Vitamin E.
This rich oil is highly versatile
and can be purchased in a 250ml
bottle for just £7.20
For more information on these
products simply visit the
Nutrabaits website:
www.nutrabaits.net. n
The ultimate family camping lantern
Coleman introduces the new CPX™ 6 Quad Lantern
Offering four times the fun on your next camping trip, outdoor
expert Coleman has extended its award winning CPX™ range
with the new CPX™ 6 Quad
Lantern. Combining its
exceptional 280 lumen
output with an innovative
design that features four
independently operated, clipoff panels, the Quad Lantern
is the perfect companion for
family camping holidays.
Offering endless lighting
options at the campsite, the
versatile CPX™ 6 Quad
Lantern is perfect when
light is needed in more than
one place at the same time.
Used with all panels
attached, the powerful
lantern’s impressive output
provides more than enough
light for family meals or
games. Alternatively, for a
gentler, ambient light,
simply turn off one or more
of the panels. Quick and
easy to clip on and off the
main body, each individual
light panel makes the perfect
personal bedside light inside the
Boasting the popular
interchangeable CPX™ power
system, the Quad Lantern offers
reassurance you won’t lose power
mid-trip. Whether you choose to
power your appliance with
batteries or use the CPX™
Rechargeable Power Cartridge,
the lantern has an exceptionally
long runtime. Offering incredible
convenience, the individual panels
charge directly from the main unit
and each clip-off panel lasts for up
to 170 hours on just one charge.
For extra peace of mind that you
won’t be left in the dark, the main
unit has a long runtime of over 50
Praised for its innovative
design, the CPX™ 6 Quad Lantern
was named ‘Best Camping
Accessory’ in Camping
Magazine’s 2014 Editor’s Choice
For more information about the
new CPX™ 6 Quad Lantern, visit
www.coleman.eu. n


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