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Summer Tactics and Edges
casting with a lead, which obviously
isn’t ideal if you’re just turning up to
fish. I try to use a light lead on a
marker rod without a float, which is
far more sensitive, and when I find a
decent area I line it up with something on the far bank and clip it up. I
then walk out my actual fishing rod
along the bank to the same distance
as the marker rod and mark the line. I
find this the easiest way of finding
decent clear/silty areas without making too much disturbance. I find a
float tends to get wrapped up in the
weed and can work against you by
giving false indications, and when it’s
clogged up you can hit clear spots but
simply be unable to feel them.
Extracting fish can be a major problem, and the bottom line is if you’re
Mike Willmott with many of his big
carp. Mike’s knowledge of bait is
second to none, and he is the brains
behind the incredible Shellfish B5 –
probably the best food source bait
ever developed.
not going to get them out, don’t fish.
It’s no good fishing 70yds out over
three huge weedbeds if you’ll never
get a hooked fish back through it all.
I’ve seen it done and it’s just plain
stupid bad angling. If your water
allows the use of a boat then this does
put a different perspective on getting
them out, and once you’re above
them generally it’s game over, and
they should be yours every time. If
boats aren’t an option then simply
fishing closer in and ensuring your
lead discharges early in the fight will
always give you a much better
chance. Remember weed can also be
highly abrasive and take a severe toll
on your tackle.
A few years ago I went to a wellknown commercial venue in France
for a week’s fishing with a group of
friends. The weed that greeted us on
arrival made the lake resemble a field
with more greenery on show than
actual water, and did it make the fishing hard or what? However a simple
miscast out into a weedbed resulted
in a cut off every time, such was the
severity of the weed and its abrasive
properties. I’ve never experienced
that before, and I think as a party we
were up to a count of over 25 marker
floats lost after the first couple of
days! Whilst that extreme level isn’t
matched here, be sure that strong
tackle is essential, and once you have
fished a venue like that your main line
will more than likely be damaged. I
use 15lb GR60, which is like rope
really, but has awesome abrasion
resistance and strength and ultimately never lets me down. However
after several fish battles and general
weed use I still sometimes change it
almost monthly in the summer. Hooks
too take huge punishment, and patterns with very fine wire should be
avoided. I go for a big size 6 Mugga or
Incizor, which I know will remain firm
under great pressure. I’ve had these
patterns open up slightly and still
remain in.
On a plus the weed can really push
the fish in closer, and my perfect sum-


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