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(Above) The Little Fully – was I
happy? The smile says it all!
(Bottom right) Another Sutton
stunner, The Beast, at a spawned-out
Phil’s mouth; he was certain it was
the big girl. Boy did it get my blood
pumping – that day my name was
down on the waiting list, and luckily
for me I was in within eight months.
Cemex Sutton is a day-only venue,
and fishing time is from 4am until
10.30pm. This is tiring fishing and
many results are hard-earned and
well-deserved. I was often left physically drained through lack of sleep
and mentally drained thanks to the
Common at 40lb 2oz. I will never forget holding the Big Fully; it was a
magical moment that will live with
me forever. The capture of the big
common was hard-earned. I remember standing there sweating in the
heat of the sun, not wanting to flinch
at the fear of spooking the fish. I
found a group of very large carp sunning themselves in a quiet corner,
away from the busy main lake.
I trickled some mixers in upwind
and watched in anticipation as the
wind blew them into a set of pads
where the lumps were sitting. Sure
enough, before long they started to
feed, especially on the mixers that
had swollen and become very soft. I
spotted two very large mouths
amongst the group and was fasci-
Season 06/07
June 1st 2006… Now the 1st of
June is a massive date on most of our
calendars, filled with excitement,
happiness and wonder of the season
ahead, but I had never been this keen
for the day to arrive. My first week on
Sutton was like a dream, and I’ll be
the first to admit that luck played a
big part, but I wasn’t about to look a
gift horse in the mouth. On the second morning of the season, I managed to land Sutton’s most soughtafter fish, The Big Fully, at 40lb 5oz,
and on the fifth day I managed the Big


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