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12oz. I fell in love with Sutton that
year; it grabbed me, and kept me
coming back. The challenge of the big
Sutton fish, the gorgeous scenery; I
just couldn’t get enough!
Season 07/08
The following season I didn’t do
much with my fishing rods. Being 21,
I was more interested in alcoholfuelled late nights with my pals and
women. I did get out a little at the
start, and again in October, and managed another seven fish weighing up
to 33lb, so I was more than happy. It
fished very hard too, with bites few
and far between.
Season 08/09
June 2008, and this was a year that
the carp bug and the lure of Sutton
was strong throughout. I caught a
couple of fish in June, but then struggled a bit throughout the summer. It
wasn’t until September when things
started to come together. I picked up
another fish on the mixers, Snub Nose
at 30lb 10oz and a day later I had a
24lb common at last knockings before
we had to pack up at 10.30pm. Sutton
always seemed to be very kind to one
particular angler every year, and this
year the carp gods were smiling on
little Chris, Shags’ younger brother.
He had a good late summer and early
autumn, picking up quite a few
lumps, which spurred me on even
more. It was great seeing a friend
being successful, and then in my
head I kept repeating, “It’s my turn.”
The larger fish seemed to be coming
out at one end of the lake, but in my
mind it was only a matter of time
before one turned up at the other end.
Mid-October came and I had just
done two evenings in the Dead Tree,
one of my favourite swims on Sutton,
and decided to slip in there for a third
evening on the trot. Having already
baited on the previous two evenings I
decided to fish with just three-bait
stringers, incorporating 20mm Trigga
I c e. I t g o t t o a r o u n d 9 p m a n d I
(Top) Black Spot, 28lb 14oz.
(Below) The magnificent Unknown,
40lb 12oz.


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