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‘Snub Nose’ 30lb 10oz
the prize was mine.
I’ve never gone from such a low to
such a high in such a short space of
time, and thanks to Spiky Paul I got
some blinding shots of another Sutton
lump. The fish went on the scales and
was down on weight at 33lb, but the
weight didn’t matter to me; it was
another stunner. I managed another
o f f t h e t o p a w e e k l a t e r, a v e r y
spawned-out Upfront Common at
28lb. Two fish off the top in a week
had me right back in the fishing frame
of mind. October came around and I
hadn’t had a take off the bottom since
June, and do you know what? I actually didn’t care, I felt I was finally coming to grips with Sutton; I was able to
endure blank spells without any
doubts in my head now, regardless of
what others were catching. I was
confident in everything I did and
knew it was only a matter of time
before I had a take. I kept making
myself believe when I got the take
that it would be a lump.
I turned up one afternoon in midOctober to find only one other angler
on the lake. I had a good walk round
that day; I wanted to find some fish. I
wanted to have something to go on,
especially as I was down for the next
two days. I got to a big snag next to a
swim called the Hole and although I
couldn’t see anything at first glance, I
decided on a closer look. I walked out
onto the snag until I was 12ft out
looking down into the water, and
straight away spotted two mid-20
commons just sitting there. Ten minutes had gone by when I had had
enough, my feet were hurting from
the awkward position I was standing
in up the tree, and I’d just started to
move when I saw it. I instantly froze.
A big mirror decided to join the party
just before I left – good timing. I
couldn’t quite make out which mirror
it was to start with, but it was BIG
and it was swimming around the
snag with a purpose. After two minutes of mooching around the mirror
came up. It was the Unknown and it
began to act territorial, nudging the
commons in the side as if to say, “Get
out my way.” I recalled the Little Fully
acted the exact same way just before
I had caught him, so that was enough
for me. I knew where I wanted to be
and I settled in the Hole.
I placed two baits short, close to
snags on either side of the swim, one
in 3ft of water the other in 5ft, and
both on the shelf. Knowing I was
doing a three-day session I decided to
put out a fair bit of G-Force, which
included three different sizes and lots
of broken bait. That evening I had
carpy conversations with a couple of
pals and had spoken to Colin about
the Unknown and what I had seen.
That evening was very quiet, but I
was back at 4am and lowered single
hookbaits back on the baited spots,
and at 5.30 I was awoken by one hell
of a scary take. The Delkim was
absolutely screaming despite fishing
locked up. All I remember is, one
minute I was asleep, and the next
minute I was kneeling down with the
tip buried under the water, with the
rod at full compression.
It was all a blur and so was the
fight, to be honest. I looked into the
net and straight away I was filled with
relief and complete joy. It was the fish
I had seen; it was the Unknown. I let
the net hang over the front boards,
walked up to the next swim and
shouted at the top of my voice, “GET
IN THERE!” I was one happy bunny,
and before I knew it Easty was in my
swim after hearing the scream. When
I lifted the fish out he burst into
laughter and said, “That looks big.” Up
on the scales and his quote was confirmed – they read 40lb 12oz, and was
a new PB mirror for me. I got on the
phone straight away to Spiky Paul,
who worked locally, and he came and
helped with the photos. I thank him
for that because they came out mint.
I received many phone calls and visits
that day, and I relived the moment
over and over again.
I didn’t really care how the rest of
the season went; that one fish meant
everything to me. However a month
later into November I caught a 20lb
common on a quick overnighter, and
a few days later the big common
again at 40lb 10oz. The big girl liked
me, and I apologised to several people
the next day for the repeat capture,
but you can’t always help what picks
up your hookbait. Three fish in a
month, two of which were 40’s – I
couldn’t have asked for more, and I
felt all the hard work and willpower
was really paying off.
The turn of the New Year 2010 saw
probably every water in England go
into deep freeze, which put a right
dampener on everyone’s fishing. I did
get back out there after it thawed and
caught a 28lb mirror, which saw out
my time on Sutton. I really enjoyed
my experience of Sutton, and I couldn’t have asked to hold fish that were
more beautiful and historic. Nor could
I have bumped into a better group of
lads along the way, especially in the
last two seasons. I feel it’s improved
my angling massively and has taught
me to enjoy my fishing whether I’m
catching or not. So, Sutton Lake 2,
thank you, it’s been a pleasure. n


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