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Day Ticket 40!
with a plan of action and a few spots
to target, I catapulted my stinky mix
onto the areas followed by a couple of
rough chunks of luncheon meat hookbaits over the top. It wasn’t long
before the carp got on it, and after a
frantic scrap and shitting myself I
managed to guide a ballistic middouble common over the net cord…
YES! My first carp at last. I was over
the moon and can recall getting some
helpful nearby anglers to do the honours with camera, and back she went
no worse for wear. That’s the only
thing about fishing on your own is
that you are usually in the hands of
someone you don’t know to do the
pictures, and at the time a little 35mm
camera without autofocus was a bit
hit and miss as far as them coming
out well! The memories will be vivid
though! I was so pleased and remember telling everybody who cared to
listen of my success. Over the next
year or so I stayed on the Match Lake
and caught some lovely mid to upper
double mirror and common carp with
a few nice big bream too… Happy
Next door to the Match Lake there
is a pit that is regarded as the main
carp lake on the complex, Pit 2. This
was a water of only 2.5 acres in size,
had around 17 swims, and at least
two swims on the opposite road bank
were large enough you to double up
in. They both commanded a good
chunk of water, but being a fairly
small lake, from certain spots you
could get a rig out to where you
wanted. The majority of these spots
were along the road bank, and very
convenient for most if you could put
up with cars up and down the bank
all hours. Unfortunately, after a feature
was done on the place demonstrating
how to be crafty, some anglers would
be then casting (repeatedly in most
cases) to hit the back end of a snag
tree that went out some 6-7m into the
lake from the other side. This was not
so good if you are all tucked away,
only to have a few leads come crashing over 10yds from where you are
(Top) The Treeline swim in July ‘08.
Imagine the spot on the bank to the
right of the rods under a few feet of
water. That’s where Nina was when I
hooked her in March ‘10!
(Right) Here’s one you don’t see often,
The Lynn, and my first UK 30. Pukka!
Anyway, after my few seasons getting to grips with the basics of carp
fishing on the Match Lake I just had a
thing for commons. I made the decision to then progress onto Pit 2, as
there was a good head of 20’s and a
handful of 30’s, and I was looking forward to the challenge! It was a steep
learning curve; there was much more
to learn about and although they liked
to put on a show most mornings, a
brief time at lunch and again in the
early evening (typically when it was
time to reel in and go home on a day
ticket!) they were no pushovers. I had
to learn about new rig presentations,
boilies, pop-ups, methods, depths,
plateaux, pads, bars and big snags.
My local tackle shop Apollo’s was my
main hub for gaining information and
pictures of the carp in there. A tal-


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